Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Japanese Virgin
Later this week, a group of us are going for Japanese lunch. It's actually a farewell lunch for a colleague of ours, and we're going dutch. I can never say no to Japanese food, ahaks!

But this lunch is special. Special because for my colleague who is leaving, it's his very first virgin trip to a Japanese restaurant. Now before you gasp in despair and shock, allow me to share with you that he's a foreigner working in our country.

Now that you've gotten over your initial shock, lets talk about lunch :D

Since we're gonna devirginise this Japanese food virgin here, it would be a good idea to get a good mix of Japanese dishes for him to try and experience. Some sashimi, sushi, soba, udon, tempura, teppanyaki etc, just to name a few. He's fairly excited over the entire experience, or maybe even a little bit terrified (but he won't admit it, HARHAR!).

A manager has this idea of ordering this special bento set for our esteemed virgin here. It's called a Rokaku bento, comes in 2 bento boxes with a variety of food stuff to savour your taste buds.

Photo taken from here.

This lunch is going to be fun. We're going to introduce him to sashimi, sushi, wasabi, ramen and everything Japanese. Come prepared, Chuck!

*Updated: Chuck absolutely *hearts* his bento and in his own words "What the hell have I been eating for the past 7 years?!?!?!"