Monday, April 27, 2009

Krispy Kreme

I'm sure this logo is familiar to many of you donut lovers out there. In case you haven't heard, Krispy Kreme would be gracing our shores on the 27th April 2009 @ Berjaya Times Square, KL (the MidValley outlet will open in May).

Do I hear some gasps of shock and awe? Hehe...!

I had my first taste of this donut not too long after joining my current company. A colleague who frequently traveled to London would bring back a box or two of this sugary sinners. I'm not a fan of donuts, nor am I a fan of anything sweet really. So if you tell me today that Krispy Kreme or J.Co is opening an outlet right next to my house, I wouldn't even be bothered ROTFLMAO!

So how did I find Krispy Kreme donut? Well, to tell you the truth, even after the long flight back from London, the donuts still tasted pretty nice. Would be nicer if it was straight from the oven, I reckon. I've only tasted the glazed ones, so I can't comment on the others. I can only take one piece, a 2nd piece would be way too sweet for my taste buds. Also, I wouldn't know how to really compare it with other donut names like J.Co, because to me, as long as you eat the donut when it's piping hot, it would taste good.

Back to Krispy Kreme Malaysia. I first heard about the folks in Berjaya having successfully bring in the franchise from a friend, but couldn't confirm the news. Well, things are looking set for Krispy Kreme's very first outlet here in Kuala Lumpur, and where else but Berjaya Times Square. So, if you're a donut lover, and particularly a Krispy Kreme donut lover, head on down to Berjaya Times Square on the 27th April 2009 and be the first few lucky people to get their promotions:

  • 1st customer gets a Golden Ticket (1-year supply) - OMFG!
  • 2nd customer gets a Silver Ticket (6-month supply) - OMFG!
  • 3rd customer gets Bronze Ticket (3-month supply) - OMFG!
  • 4th till 100th customer gets a month supply - OMFG!
  • 101th till 300th customer gets a mug - Ok, that's pretty normal
Imagine getting one year's supply of donuts! Geez! I would really like to see who's the first in line for this gimmick! Would we be expecting to see people setting up tents 2 days before the opening, all for free donuts?

Actually, I'm more keen to see just how far this donut craze can go, and how they're going to price Krispy Kreme ehehehehehe! I remember when Big Apple first came, the craze was tremendous. Then along came J.Co, and even crazier craze. I've heard of people driving all the way to Pavilion (their first outlet) just to queue to buy the donuts. I've seen for myself the massive queue at J.Co itself, and the dozens of boxes people carry with them.
I've had J.Co a couple of times, and each time only 1 piece, at most 2. Donuts are nice when they're piping hot from the oven :)

*Note: I just found out that the 1st guy in line had been queueing up since 5pm Saturday evening ROTFLMAO!!!

**Updated: This chick and her friends actually cut school to queue for donuts. Wonder what the school has to say about this plan? Parents, would you let your kids cut school for such an event?


I don't queue for doughnuts... :)
They are great but not worth the queue...

Had it once also. Cousin bought it from HK i think. Nice but a little too small and I only like the glazed ones. The others are just too sweet.

kevin: i don't Q either :)