Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Less, Less, Less
Since getting hitched, I've been following hubby back to his hometown up north for the annual ChingMing ritual (All Souls Day). The family would usually be busy preparing all the food stuff a few days before, and some of his aunts will be in the house helping his step-mum with all the preparations. Sometimes, one or two of his uncles will fly in from Germany for the yearly ritual.

The very first time I followed hubby and his family to the graves, it was quite an eye opener. The main reason here is that my family does not observe ChingMing at all. There are no grave visits, no major preparations. My family observes the 7th lunar month by going to the temple to offer prayers, that's about it. Clean and simple. Simply put, ChingMing has little significance to me LOL (yes I'm being blunt here).

Hubby's family practises Taoism, so there's a heck lot of preparations when it comes to ChingMing (CNY as well). Waking up at dawn, carrying all the food and paper merchandise, driving to the grave sites, finding the correct tombs, cleaning the area, arranging the dishes and offering our prayers, all part and parcel of the tradition of ChingMing. It's like a family picnic too, with the many aunties, uncles and cousins that would come along. Lotsa chattering and commotion everywhere.

The paper merchandise that would be burnt during the ritual is also a story on its own. There's paper money of course (they run in the millions!), paper clothes, paper shoes, everything we have here, they have it too (in paper of course). Mobile phones, jewelery, passports, credit cards, computers, notebooks, the list is endless. There would be clouds of smoke coming from thousands of grave site across the hills.

I just wish there was some other way to observe ChingMing. Another cleaner alternative, without all the burning. I know I know, some would probably say this is an age-old tradition. To break it is to defy the rules of tradition. All I'm saying is that, it would be great if there was a "less polluted" way to observe ChingMing. Less smoke, less burning, less littering.

If my in-laws were to read this entry. they would probably hate me ROTFLOL. I'm not trying to change anything here. I'm just having some thoughts about the idea. Yes, we should pay homage to our ancestors. I just wish there were other cleaner alternatives for us to do so.


If your in-laws read the other entry saying that the house is stuffy and caused you to have flu/sick, they would also gonna ermm.. dislike you. :P

And yeah, about the burning part, I do hope they can make do without burning so many things. The heat, even at 20 50m is still ridiculously hot.

My friend said a joke about burning things for his ancestor.

"Since I only change my car once every 5 years, Grandpa, you wouldn't mind that I burn a car every 5 years for you, right? After all, you don't have to change your car every year."


jason: on the hse part, even hubby agrees wif me ok :P as for observing chinming, well, it wld be nice if there was a cleaner alternative. LOL @ ur fren's joke.

By the way, your blog would prompt me and am also guessing visitors to key in Twitter username/password.

Did you left it out on purpose or you have forgotten to key in the details in the coding part?

jason: yes i'm aware of dat. it's bcos i've protected my updates in twitter. i've already removed the widget from my blog.