Monday, April 13, 2009

Lunch @ Mizu, Bangsar Village I

I had a chance to dine at Mizu recently, courtesy of a friend (he paid for the meal, muahahaha!). I've heard of this Japanese restaurant before, but have never really embark on giving it a try mainly due to the fact it is located in Bangsar Village, a place I hardly ever step foot in. Then I found out they also have an outlet at TTDI plaza, heh! Another fact was because the words "Japanese fine dining" conjoured up imageries of exquisite Japanese dishes with really expensive price tags :P

Some wine and sake selections available in Mizu.

We were seated at a corner of the restaurant, and the overall ambiance of the interior was a little dim, with spotlights focusing on each table. Rows of wine glasses and wine selections will greet you upon walking into the restaurant. Service was pretty prompt at first, with the waitress asking what our beverages choices would be. I took a glance at their set lunches and found their pricing to be very much the same price range was other Japanese restaurants like Rakuzen and Kiku Zakura (RM 28++ onwards for some sets). The Friday lunch crowd was mostly working executives and tai-tais catching up with juicy gossips perhaps, hehehehe! Just kidding...

My friend just told me to order anything I want from the menu, heh! I was pretty much contented with a lunch set, but he was more adventurous and wanted to also order a few other items from the more premium menu. "Let's try this... ok ok?" he pointed to a few items, to which I nodded with agreement. While waiting for the mains to come, we were served some appetizers, mash potatoes with a small salad.

The first item that came was the Mizu Maki, one of the recommended rolls. The roll has tempura prawns, unagi, aloe vera slices and some other stuff I can't remember. I must say that the roll was very nicely done. You know how sometimes when you try to pick a roll up to dip into the shoyu (soy sauce), the rice tends to crumble and the roll just starts falling apart? Well, this Mizu Maki has a pretty firm consistency, which gives it a plus point. I believe this roll is priced at RM 35, pretty pricey for a maki, but the quality is definitely there.

A close-up shot of the Mizu Maki.
Next to arrive was the capaccio (can't remember which fish this was already). Thinly sliced fish served with some vinegar and topped with ikura (salmon roe). Presentation was pretty nice (ahem, fine dining...), but what about the taste factor? Well, the fish slices blended quite well with the ikura, you have to eat them both together and make sure you pop the roe so that the juices mix with the fish in your mouth. The combination of fish, roe and vinegar was actually quite refreshing ("hoi wai" as well, opens up your appetite).

A close-up shot of the capaccio, watch the chilli padi though!

The following dish was quite fusion, with a mixture of chinese style cooking and western presentation. Two thick pieces of foie gras, marinated in sweet sauce and sautéed on the outside, and the base was a thick cut of radish which was stewed in a broth. We both quite liked this dish, very unique, and the taste of it actually reminded me of my late grandma's cooking. Even though the foie gras was a little over cooked, this dish was pretty good (and pricey too!)

A close-up shot of the foie gras.
My friend's main dish: Cha soba. See the very cute quail's egg?

The assorted sashimi set I ordered, thick cuts of sashimi indeed.

It was most certaily a very filling Friday lunch, and a long one too! It started raining cats and dogs while we were in the restaurant, so we ate slowly to enjoy every morsel that was ordered. The rain got so heavy, I thought the roof of the restaurant was going to collapse on us! So much for "fine dining ambiance", HARHAR! The rain was battering the rooftops so loud, it got pretty hard to have a decent conversation, you practically had to raise your voice to talk! :P

The bill came up to over RM 200++ for the both of us, yikes! Well, actually if you stick to the set lunches, RM 80 would cover 2 pax, with some change left. It was the premium items from the menu which we tried that pushed the bill upwards. Mizu's prices are definitely on the high side, but their food quality was not bad (with the exception of some really funky items in the memu i.e: foie gras with fried rice? Errrr...!). Although I can't say the same for their service. We had to constantly ask the waitresses to refill our cups with hot ocha. We both agreed, with such price tags, service could be better.


The skin of the Sashimi looks like it was made of gold in the last picture lol...

kevin: LOL! not dat u mention it, it is quite shimmery :P