Thursday, April 16, 2009

Room 18
Possibly the latest addition to the Tai Thong group of restaurants, Room 18 @ Tropicana City Mall. It's so new, even Tai Thong's website hasn't list them down LOLOLOLOL!!! :P

Since we've been doing our weekly groceries in this mall (Carrefour is downstairs), sometimes we will just have our lunch here before proceeding to Carrefour. And when I saw Room 18's main door opened, my first reaction was... "Hmm, yet another Canton cuisine restaurant to join the crowd." That pretty much sums up Room 18, Cantonese cuisines.

Set lunches priced at RM 12.80++, dinner at RM 18++. The set changes daily.

Hubby and I checked out Room 18 one weekend and saw that they offer set meals for both lunch and dinner. A quick flip through the menu saw the restaurant offering quite a wide range of dim sums, noodles, rice and other Cantonese cuisines. Prices are pretty ok considering the location, some of their noodle dishes were similarly to priced with Ducking.

Interior of Room 18.

Since it was a weekend, there was generally a crowd in the restaurant. It's very much a family oriented restaurant, so the deco is kept minimal. All the restaurants employees were pretty busy as the crowd turnover was pretty quick.

Custard bun. Yum!

We ordered some dim sum just to give it a try. First to arrive was the custard bun. the buns were pretty ok, not too hot on the tougue. Of course it can't beat the custard bun we had over at West Lake Garden, Sunway Lagoon Resort hahahahaha!

Soup noodles, which was relatively ok only.

Next up was my "Two combination noodles". I have a choice of mixing 2 different types of meat: duck, chicken (steamed or roasted), roasted pork belly (siew yuk), BBQ pork (char siew) and also suckling pig. I decided to try their char siew and siew yuk.

Char siew & siew yuk combination.

Their char siew wasn't very good. In fact, it was a bit hard on the underside. Sorry Room 18, but thumbs down for your char siew. The siew yuk was so-so as well, but that's because we can already make our own siew yuk at home and it taste superb HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Pork chop rice.

Hubby's pork chop rice was not bad. Pork chop marinated until tender, then deep fried and coated with sweet sauce. You have a choice of type of rice too, either white rice or butter rice (yau farn).

Prawn dumplings.

My favourite dim sum of all, prawn dumplings. Now what's crucial in making a good prawn dumpling is of course, the thickness of the dumpling skin and the freshness of the prawns used. The skin has to be translucent, and the prawns springy when you bite into them. In the case of Room 18, they scored 0-1 for each category. The skin was a bit too thick, but the prawns were fresh.

If you head to Room 18 now, you're entitled to an 18% discount of their ala carte items. I think they're also give out vouchers on a daily basis, limited to the first 50 customers or something along that line.