Thursday, May 14, 2009

AirAsia's Customer Service is Complaining
A friend pointed this post out to me today, from AirAsia's blog. Their own customer service has been lamenting about their tough life as Customer Service and the weirdos they have to layan in regards to a whole lot of matters. Well, life as a Customer Service as we all know it, is really tough as you have to deal with reasonable and unreasonable people a lot.

If you remember about my complaints about AirAsia's on-time guarantee, you would also realise that we're one of the many thousands who have written in to complain as well. Of course in the end, AirAsia decided to just ignore our complaint lor. Now, if you had followed our complaint from the start, you will realise that we're not being unreasonable. In fact, we actually have a strong case in regards to the complaint. We're not one of those that would simply write in to complain just to get something out of it. We're educated people, and we go with the facts to build our case.

Our flight was delayed for 4 hours, and we were, like many others on the same flight, were left in the lurch as to why the flight was delayed and we were given assurance that we were entitled to the RM 200 voucher. AirAsia's on time guarantee promises a 3 working day reply, so if you can boldly announce such a promise, by all means keep to it. I don't care how difficult it is for you on the Customer Service end to keep to that 3 working day timeframe, or the amount of influx you have to deal it. You can so proudly give the assurance of 3 working days, then it's your freaking problem how to keep to the guarantee.

The worse part is how you guys on the Customer Service side dealt with our case. Merely calling to inform us that we're not entitled because of 'bad weather'. It's always easy to blame the weather for everything. And it was a very smart move to call us instead of replying our emails, because that would mean no black & white. Clever, but we saw through your tricks.

We've flown with AirAsia several times, and it's quite common for their flights to be delayed/retimed anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Yes, it does get pretty annoying and it's quite a common thing with a lot of no-frills airline as well. But that doesn't mean an airline should take things as a norm, right? "Oh yes, it's normal la, AirAsia delay"... Things are only like that because people made it that way. Just like wedding dinners, constantly starting an hour late. Why? Because people made it that way. It has become a norm. And when things become a norm, naturally, things are taken for granted.

It takes effort to make a positive change. But it takes even greater effort to make the first steps and break out from the norm.


If you want to fly on time with AirAsia, I think the best bet is first flight of the day.

This is because AirAsia's flights are too tightly scheduled. There is no margin for error.

For example, if a MAS plane makes 2 return trips to Bangkok a day, AirAsia wants to make it 3 times. So if the first flight is delayed, all subsequent flights will be delayed too.

khengsiong: u may hv a point there, 1st flight on AA tends to be on time.