Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Crocs
Hubby and I were at Jaya One a few hours ago for lunch, and we stumbled upon the weekend flea market there. We didn't know Jaya One had a flea market there too. The first stall that we stumbled upon was one that was offering Crocs.

Now we all know Crocs is like a growing fad here. It's light weight and it's expensive sandals, haha! Ever since Crocs was introduced to our shores, I've seen scored of people clamouring for a pair. And if you want the cheaper imitation, there's always Asadi :P Material may differ, but it's just as light weight and cost 10 times less, hehehehehehe!

So, back to the Crocs stall at Jaya One. A young chap by the name of Khairul runs the stall, together with some of his family members, I reckon. And the Crocs were going for between RM 80 and RM 100 (depending on which style you choose) and they are all original. He says he can offer to sell them at a lower rate because he gets them direct from the supplier. Khairul also added that some units may have small defects, hence he's letting them go cheaper. Kinda like a small scale Crocs warehouse sale if you ask me. Who cares!

After trying a few pairs, I got myself a pair of pale blue Malindi (RM 80). They are pretty comfy for my feet, and the colour was quite sweet too :D Comfort is the main factor for me when it comes to buying sandals/shoes.

Malindi, up close and personal.

Athens, which didn't have hubby's size.

Hubby also tried a few pairs, and he actually liked the model Athens, but unfortunately they didn't have his size available. Hubby needed one size larger (he has big feet, hehehehe!), but Khairul wasn't able to find a larger size. However, Khairul gave us his contact as well as his blog, and asked us to check it out, and even told us he would be expecting some new stock in about 2 weeks time. He took down hubby's contact, and promised to contact us when the size is available.

If you're interested to get some Crocs at a cheaper rate, head over to Jaya One over the weekend and look out for Khairul's stall :)


Nice! I like this design too.

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