Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Of Viruses And Hygiene Steps
I was recently down with the viral fever, and with most of my workmates as well, heh! One by one, we tumbled down, like a stack of dominoes. No thanks to one person who brought the virus in, duh~

You know how it is in offices. All it takes is one person to fall sick, and one by one, you see one person falling sick after another. Bummer. And you now what's worse... Being stuck in the office for 8 hours or more sometimes, it's a germ factory. The virus is trapped, hence it will go around and make its way from one person to another person.

Ever since I got back from my medical leave, I've been wearing a mask as well. I'm being considerate as I do not wish for my other healthy colleagues to get my cough, so I chose to don a mask on working days. If I had my way, I would even open all the windows here for a few hours, just to let the air circulate a bit. People are literally sick because of the office~

I also bought a small bottle of hand sanitizer with me. A family friend had advised us to wash our hands more often as well, to curb the common flu virus. Our fingers especially, are constantly exposed to dirt and bacteria everywhere we go. Hence she advised us to wash our hands properly. Even in Singapore, hubby said the government has been encouraging and educating the people there to proper hand washing. I'm even contemplating of getting a can of air sanitizer too, to spritz around my cubicle and get rid of whatever flu viruses lingering around. Yea I know, paranoia setting in, heh!