Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rakuzen @ Plaza Damas
A group of us were treated to a nice Japanese lunch recently, as a token of appreciation on working on a *PITA project. This particular project had an extremely tight dateline, coupled with the fact the client keep changing things right up till the very last minute (everything on the fly~). Which of course, resulted in us spending extra hours in the office (and some of the team members having to work over a public holiday too).

So we went to Rakuzen @ Plaza Damas. Rakuzen has a chain of restaurants in Klang Valley, and they are quite popular. Besides Plaza Damas, their other outlets are at Subang Jaya, Desa Parkcity and KL.

Some of the lunch sets available from Rakuzen.

The lunch crowd can be really crazy, so if you're thinking of going there, I would recommend that you make reservations before hand. Their lunch menu has quite a wide variety for you to choose from, and prices are reasonable. Another plus point is, they serve grated wasabi (along with processed wasabi). Now grated wasabi is actually quite pleasant in taste, and you could probably see some fibre in it. It doesn't really shoot up to your nose like processed wasabi. In fact, some processed wasabi might not even have wasabi in it.

Shoyu and processed wasabi.

The 3 different maki we ordered. The Spider roll is in the foreground.

The first few items to come were the rolls. My colleagues ordered 3 different types of maki to be shared among us. One plus point for Rakuzen is that, despite their lunch crowd, they still ensure quality to their food, which is a very good practise to keep their customers happy and satisfied (and coming back for second rounds).

The caterpillar maki.

Sashimi and unagi zen.

This is my lunch set, sashimi and unagi zen. I can't exactly recall the exact price of this set, but I think it's about RM 40. A very generous portion of unagi (that's only half of the serving in the photo) and 7 slices of sashimi. Like most lunch sets, it comes with rice, chawan mushi, an appetizer and fruits. Rakuzen is noted for their generous servings in their lunch sets, so if you have an appetite, this is a good place to satisfy your palate.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7! Now eat us!

One of my colleague ordered his favourite, zaru soba (buckwheat soba) & saba shioyaki. The condiments are in the foreground, but I like how the quail egg looks so massive in this photo :P Kinda like a dinosaur egg, eh?

Saba syioyaki, grilled mackerel.

There were several other sets which my other team mates had ordered, but since everyone was so famished, I didn't take any pictures of their food, hehehehehe! Also, 3 of the remaining sets came without chawan mushi because, due to the lunch crowd the chawan mushi was to be served later. We then reminded the water that there were 3 outstanding chawan mushi to our table. After a while, the waiter informed us apologetically that they would replace the chawan mushi with green tea ice-cream instead, because the new batch of chawan mushi came out too hard (failed QC). At least they (Rakuzen) had the courtesy to inform us about their blunder, instead of serving lousy chawan mushi (which may have ended up with us kicking a fuss and causing their rep to drop).

*PITA - pain in the ass
*Note: I think I've been having a lot of Japanese food lately, ahaks!


The sashimi not as generous as Hanazen...
So thin slice...

Rakuzen is one of the restaurants that gets my seal of approval.

kevin: hahahaha! u like thick thick slices eh?

doc: :D