Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Viral Fever
I know I know... Where has Oli been eh? She was down and out for a few days due to viral fever. In fact, I've still got the lingering cough and a slight runny nose still *sniff*, but no more fever.

I was actually feeling unwell on Saturday, during the recent long weekend (Labour Day, Saturday & Sunday). I went to see my regular doctor at Damansara Uptown, and because it was just a mild fever, he didn't want to prescribe antibiotics just yet. By evening, my fever had subsided.

The next morning when I woke up, I was feeling warm again. But after popping my medication, I was feeling better. Initially I had decided to stay home instead of going out with some friends to a buffet at Sunway, but hubby convinced me to just go if I'm feeling ok. So I went ahead to the buffet, but didn't really eat much. Mainly took some finger food, warm soup, bread and fish. By Sunday evening, the fever had subsided again.

Early Monday morning, just as hubby was about to leave the house to catch his flight to a nearby republic, he felt my hands and exclaimed "Dear, you're warm again. Shit!" The fever was back. Darn. Hubby didn't want to leave me alone, but he has a plane to catch. So I said I'll call my parents to take me to the clinic, and I'll stay with my parents for the week until he returns. I didn't want to be alone at home, feeling sick and suddenly fainting, only to be discovered several days later lying motionless on the floor!

My parents whisked me to the clinic where I requested to see the same doctor. I told the doctor that my fever is recurring, so he checked my pulse and breathing and took some blood samples (was afraid it might be dengue fever, even though I didn't have rashes). The doctor said he will inform me of the results once he gets them, and in the mean time prescribed some antibiotics.

I totally crashed and zonked out at my parents house. Didn't even realised I was sweating like a cow. My mum was using a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off my face and back, helped me change my shirt to a fresh one and made barley for me to drink (thanks mum, I *hearts* you lots). Even my dad's temperamental cat somehow could sense I was sick, and jumped on the bed and accompanied me for a while (he's probably rummaging through my bag of clothes now).

The nurse called a few hours later, and fortunately the results were nothing to be concerned about, she said. It's a viral fever, she added, so just take the medications the doctor had prescribed and I'll be fine in a few days *phew*. It was quite a relief to know there's nothing major.