Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekly Ramblings
1) Restaurant City
I've been playing this game for weeks :P It's an app in Facebook, and so many people are in it. The game is pretty much like SimCity. You are given a restaurant to run. You manage it, manage your employees, get ingredients for your dishes by answering the daily quiz as well as trade with your friends and level up. Because this game is in beta mode, the maximum level is 27. But you can still continue to play it, earn more moolahs and decorate and redecorate your restaurant. It's quite fun because there's some strategic thinking to how you want to maximise your employees as well as customer patronization. The highest rating you can achieve is 50.0, which is indicated by the green thumbs-up sign your customers give your restaurant. The higher your rating, the more people will patronise your restaurant.

My restaurant layout at the moment.

2) American Idol - Kris Allen
The whole world is making such a big hoohaa over Kris Allen now. Many are disappointed at America's choice this year. Like, chill people~ America has made her choice, so be it. In fact, American Idol is only a stepping stone for the participants. Many of today's top singers are in fact, American Idol finalists. And I think we should remember that. I also think that both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert were just as good as each other. They both picked songs from genres which suited them nicely, thus creating a whole new world for them. I reckon Kris is like John Mayor style, while Adam is more the classic rocker style.

Kris Allen belting a tune. Photo from here.

3) Twitter Anthem
This topic is probably being retweeted all over the internet now, hehe! The tune's pretty catchy and funky. Listen to it here. (you follow me~~~ I'll follow you~~~)

It's Friday, I'm so looking foward to the weekend! Whee!