Wednesday, June 24, 2009

... Just Want To get To Know You Better
Hubby and I caught this on radio this morning. The deejays were asking callers to give their input about this morning's topic: Would you give your social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube etc, login & password, just to get a job?

The reason the deejays brought this up was, apparently some company in the US of A require their job applicants to provide all the login IDs and password to whatever social networking site they're part of. The reasoning was, so that the employers can "get to know" their potential employees better (and possibly, filter out all the psychos?). In short, background checks.

I didn't catch the whole episode, but so far the callers that called up thought the whole idea of giving out your logins & passwords just for a job was ridiculous, not to mention an infringement of personal privacy. I mean, if an employer were to ask me "Hey, can you give us access to your Facebook/Youtube etc account? We just wanna check you out, you know. Get to know you a little better."... I would think this guy/company had one too many drinks.

Some things are personal, and I think to a lot of people, sites like Facebook is quite personal to a certain extent. You want to know me better, add me as a friend. Why do you need access to it? What if you rearrange everything and edit my personal info? What if you impersonate me and say nasty things to my friends?

Many years ago, I was at this job interview somewhere in PJ. The manager was asking me the usual questions like what are your skill sets, what's your plan in the next 5 years etc. Typical job interview questions la. But slowly, his questions started getting personal. He started asking me what my family does, what are my siblings studying, why didn't I go to university while my sisters went, what is your boyfriend doing etc etc. Questions which I felt were totally unrelated to the job I was interviewing for. So I questioned this guy, and told him, dude, how is this relevant to this job interview? (I didn't say dude of course, but that's how it would sound like in casual talk, haha!). He replied "Oh, just want to get to know you better."

Crap. You think I'll fall for that line?

Some employers are really crossing the line when they ask personal questions like I encountered, and honestly, I have every right not to answer them. I believe that when a person is here for an interview, isn't it more important to know the person's skill sets and experiences first and how they can contribute to the positive growth of the company, rather than dig into his/her personal profile? You can always do background checks using other methods, you don't have to question them during interviews, right?

Maybe is a person is here to fill some really really high ranking position, like the President of the country or something, then it makes sense to dig his/her profile up. What say you?


lol its only fair to give if the other party is willing to give back.

Try asking for the company's ebanking account login and password in return for the facebook. You should also need to know how well financially the company is doing before deciding to join the company rite? lol...