Friday, June 19, 2009

The other day, I took a walk down to the hair salon just downstairs at the condo I live in , to get a hair cut. With the hot weather upon us, my locks were irritating me, so I needed to hack some off. As usual, I was told to take a seat and wait a while, as the hair dresser was attending to another customer (a middle-age aunty, who was having her hair dyed).

While flipping through some magazines, I overheard the conversation between the aunty and the hair dresser (in Cantonese). She was commenting on celebrities and ad endorsements.

Aunty: Aiyaaaa, why all these brands always use all the pretty pretty people wan? They are oredi pretty, no point use them to endorse all these brands oso laaaaa!

Hair dresser: Is liddat wan la, aunty... *continues to apply hair colour onto hair*

Aunty: Aiyaaaa, no point la. They oredi so pretty. Should use normal people maaaa. They so pretty, use whateva oso pretty laaaaa....! You see you see! Where they got scars and spots on their face wan?!? Only old people got such things wan maaaa. Young peeper their face where got such thing wan?!? Summore now dat brand ah, Ali Cafe... Now sign dat Lam Fong in their ads. Aiyooo, so much money to hire such peeper. Kopi only maaaa, all of them taste the same wan laaaaa. Summore this type of kopi, where got nice wan?!? Kenot compare with those oliginal kopi made by those Hainan peeper laaaa....!

I was sitting on the next chair, listening quietly and smickering to myself the whole time (while pretending to flip the pages of the magazine). She was went on and on about celebrity endorsements and how "normal people" should be hired to do such endorsements, because celebrities are already so famous and pretty, hence they're not the right people to endorse products/brands.

Maybe this aunty was hoping the brands would pick her to endorse their product *shrugs*.

Aunty, had they used your face as the face of Ali Cafe, the company can chap larp wei... No offense, but really. There's a reason why brands pick young, good looking faces to endorse their brands. To build the consumer confidence in the brand and product. If the brand/product were to just use any Tom, Dick, Harry or Sally out there, it may not be well suited for the image, kan? People might just say "Who is this fella ahhhhh?". Aunty might just say "Lee gor mutt sui lei gaaaaa...? Suun tak gor mou gaaaa...?" (who is this fella, can trust or not?).

Oh, I walked out of the salon with a nice hair cut too :)


lol...I remember once asking my colleague about a guy(local celebrity) who did a commercial add for Red Box in the cinema.