Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Escalator Yo-Yos
A group of us were waiting just outside Sushi Zanmai @ 1Utama recently (waiting for our tables to be ready). So while queuing up, talking cock and watching the world go by, we caught sight of 2 ladies pushing a trolley each, with their shopping items overflowing. Must have been a real sale at Home's Harmony, judging by the number of pillows and other items they bought.

The 2 ladies were definitely not from around here (Malaysia), very likely from a nation now popularly associated with black money. Both of them stood in front of the escalator, trying to figure out how to get the trolleys down to the lower floor. They were speaking to each other in their native language, cracking jokes and such, when suddenly, one of them pushed the trolley she was holding, closer to the escalator.

We were just staring at them, and were really puzzled by their act. I mean, come on! Use the elevator! She let out a scream and held the trolley back, and her friend cracked into laughter. By then, everyone was just looking at them. We figured after the little scare, they would wise up and just find an elevator. But NO. The first lady tried her luck again, and guess what happened next. The trolley caught on to the escalator going downwards, she screamed and panicked and let go of the trolley (see #Illus 1).

#Illus 1

Of all the stupid things to do, you tried to push a fully loaded trolley down a moving escalator!!!! Have you no common sense at all?!?!?! It was a good thing the trolley didn't topple over, as there were people in front using the escalator too!!!! What was going through that skull of that woman, we really don't know. But she was thiiiiisssss close to injuring (maybe even killing) someone.

Soon after, her friend decided to pull the exact same stunt! She inched the trolley slowly to the tip, the trolley gradually tipped forward, and started moving downwards. And she just held on to the trolley tightly and went down with it. Fortunately for her friend, the trolley didn't tip forward also. I really dread to think what may have happened, should the trolley tip forward.

Soon after, we had our filling dinner (thanks to a generous friend, haha!), we hung around just outside Sushi Zanmai while a few friends paid a visit to the washroom. This time, we saw a man attempting to push a trolley full of groceries up the escalator (see #Illus 2). With him was his wife, and she was carrying their newborn. He was already midway up the escalator, lifting the trolley up to balance it on the escalator steps, while the wife was carrying the baby in one hand, and the other hand was holding on to the trolley handle.

#Illus 2

Like, what is wrong with these people? The elevator was invented for a reason, use it!!!! Attempting to push trolleys with full loads up and down the escalator is sheer madness, not to mention dangerous! Plus it's clearly written on the signboards, no trolleys beyond this (escalator) point!

There were a few other people behind this couple. When their trolley reached the top, the whole trolley toppled over because there's this little step which the trolley wheels cannot go over (see #Illus 3). So yes, their groceries fell out and the trolley blocked the walkway. The people behind them helped out the couple to gather all their groceries and lifted the trolley up. So mensiasuikan Malaysians saje.

#Illus 3

In both cases, they were fortunate to escape possible injuries (to themselves and/or to other people). But this is exactly how accidents happen. Accidents which clearly can be prevented, but totally ignored because of stupidity and ignorance.

Moral of the story:
1) Use the elevator when necessary.
2) Use your brains, failing which, it will become redundant and useless.
3) Use your common sense, if any. If not, don't attempt to walk out of your house alone.
4) If you attempt any of the moves stated above, then you deserve to be called an idiot.


ROTFLMAO!!! You should have taken photos!

Really bunch of idiots/morons.

doc: no camera dat time lor. if u were there u sure LOL oso.

jason: teruk, rite?

They never watch enough PCK.
use your blains use your blains..