Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kushi Q @ Tropicana City Mall
About a week ago, I received this SMS from DiGi, a promotional SMS for DiGi subscribers. The offer was valid at Kushi Q, and I was entitled to a whopping 50% off their chicken and beef skewers for the month of June 2009. I told hubby about it, and he said ok, we'll just go check the place out and try some of their skewers.

The exterior of Kushi Q.

Kushi Q is located on the lower ground floor of Tropicana City Mall, the same floor where Carrefour is located. This little outlet specialises in Japanese grilling.

Kushi Q's menu.

Some of the chicken skewer selections from Kushi Q.

Prices are pretty reasonable for skewers here. Pictures are always enticing, hehe! Most of the skewers come in 2 or 3 variants of spices used to cook it, so you can pick and choose and try all the flavours if you like. We picked 4 skewers to try:

1) Chicken breast, wasabi flavour (RM 2 /stick).
2) Chicken thigh with capsicum, Thai flavour (RM 2 /stick).
3) Chicken thigh with leek, teriyaki flavour (RM 2 /stick).
4) Beef and pineapple (RM 2 /stick).

Some of the sets available from Kushi Q.

While waiting for our skewers to come, I flipped through the menu to see what other choices were available. Kushi Q also offers set meals, and their prices were quite reasonable as well. You can choose from the different sets available, and details for each set is also stated, so you can expect what to get out of your meal.

The 4 skewers we ordered to try.

The skewers were piping hot when they arrived, but it's always best to eat grilled skewers when they're hot. The first skewer I picked up was the chicken with leek (teriyaki flavour). I thought the flavour was so-so only. Hubby tried the chicken breast first, and said the combination of wasabi and teriyaki was a little weird. I took a bite of the chicken breast and I concur, the combination did taste a little weird :P

The beef skewer was so-so as well, nothing to really shout about. We both agreed that the chicken with capsicum (Thai flavour) was the best among all 4 skewers. The spices used was nicely done, and left my tougue with a tangy spicy feeling.

A close-up shot of the chicken with capsicum (Thai flavour) skewer.

And since I was entitled to the 50% discount, the 4 skewers only cost us RM 4.25, hehe! I guess the skewers were pretty ok for a light snack.


Eh what camera you use r?
Your close up shots very nice ler.

kevin: my trusty lumix fx9 :)

oh ok... ;)
I'll keep that in mind the next time I shop for one.

kevin: my lumix fx9 is >3yrs dy. get the lumix lx3, nice nice :)

hahahha might be looking for one with underwater casing later. Before this it was just Sony and Canon :)