Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's Get Eggy
Last year, during our annual office Christmas game of 'Guardian Angel/Mortal', I wrote a request to my GA to get me some very kawaii-looking egg moulds. I actually read about the cute moulds from AutumnMoth, and thought it was such a novel idea! Darn those Japanese inventors :P I curse them for making such cute stuff which people cannot resist LOL!

So after 7 months (and I've actually given up on looking for them moulds in PJ), my GA left 4 very colourful and cute egg molds on my office desk one fine morning. Turns out, he had enlisted the help of another GA for this task, harhar! And this GA found the molds in good ol' Ipoh~

Kawaii-looking moulds...!


And thus the experiment "let's make funny eggs" began. First, we boiled some eggs. Hubby figured the eggs should be piping hot in order for the mould to shape the eggs, so you can imagine us juggling to peel the shells of the hot eggs :P After you peel the egg, place it inside the mould. You would think the egg would burst once you close the lid, but it didn't.

Fish in the water~

Next, place the mould into a tub of ice water, for about 2 to 3 minutes. After that, I opened the mould and guess what... the shape didn't really turn out nicely HAHAHHAHAHAHAAH!!! I think my eggs weren't big enough. Waitaminit, that didn't come out right LOLOLOL. Lesson learnt: Use large eggs :P

I tried again with the rest of the moulds, hoping at least one would turn out ok, hehe.

The poot-poot car mould came out the best looking egg. See the define shape of the car? Cute leh? The rest of them didn't quite get the mould shape too well, eggs weren't big enough. I'll get larger eggs next time to experiment again. In the mean time...



Hor! Momma says kenot play with your food! :p

I think the eggs won't have time to form into cute shapes... Most of the time they become a mess of smashed egg paste after the shell is removed kekekekekek.

doc: waaaat :P bet u wan those egg moulds oso. blek!

kevin: ur "peeling egg shells" skill so char meh? :P

i actually bought them in Japan too! but have yet to try. and guess what i found them in ss2 100 yen shop! no need to go to ipoh to get la hehe... isha

Yes quite bad. Also mainly because normally I'll smash them also for sandwich so you can also call that multitasking lol...

oh btw, got bigger eggs on meh? I thought chicken eggs are pretty much the same size...

isha: ya, 100yen shop got, but apparently not all lor. I went to a few outlets, tadak.

kevin: u din know chicken eggs got size wan meh? hahahahaha!


Cute! I think Daiso at The Curve also selling the molds. Hmmm, now I also itchy wanna get some ler....:D


I want domo-kun shaped one. can ah.

janice: you can find them @ 100yen shop

jillies: hahahaha, domo-kun shape ah? hv to make urself la :P