Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Beggar's Chicken @ Ijok
First, don't ask me how to get there LOL! Hubby and I followed my parents to Ijok over the weekend, to try their famous beggar style dishes. It was a pretty long drive, almost an hour, passing palm oil estates and small town roads. Just goes to show for food, Malaysians are willing to go to the ends of the Earth!

New Beggar's Chicken Restaurant exterior.

The restaurant is located amidst some plantation, so you can't see it from the main road at all. There's a left turning somewhere (again, don't ask me where!), but I do remember seeing a few signboards bearing the restaurant name just as we made that left turn. A short drive in and we've arrived.

The other wing of the restaurant.

The trunk road just outside the restaurant.

Judging by the number of cars on parked along side of the road, you know this place is very popular among locals from afar. That's just one side of the street by the way.

The restaurant menu.

The restaurant's specialty is none other than their beggar style dishes. Beggar chicken, beggar duck, beggar pig's trotter and beggar glutinous rice are some of the popular dishes. You can also opt for the set, which serves 10 pax. My dad says the set menu is way too much for 10 pax, because the beggar style dishes are so filling (you get the chicken, duck, pig's trotter and glutinous rice, along with other dishes like seafood), you'd have to take away a lot of the leftovers.

While munching on the prawn crackers (every table gets 2 packets of crackers, chargeable at RM 2/packet), I surveyed the restaurant a little. Besides the beggar style dishes, a lot of other patrons also ordered several types of seafood dishes like fish, crabs and squid. The beggar style dishes were definitely a must-have, as I saw every table had them.

Item #6 is the famous 'Monk jump over the wall' soup :P

My dad had called ahead to make reservations for some of the dishes, due to the crowd this restaurant receives over the weekend. He had pre-ordered the beggar duck (which he said was better than the chicken), beggar pig's trotter and beggar glutinous rice. When we arrived there, he ordered 2 more plates of vegetables, pig's maw soup and a plate of deep fried sotong. He also placed an order for fish head curry, but mid-way we were told they ran out of fish head, which was good news to us because we were really stuffed!

Beggar pig's trotter, sinful~~~

I only managed to take one photo of the beggar style dishes, because everyone was pretty hungry and dug in straight!!!! All the beggar style dishes were served in an aluminum foil, piping hot. The pig's trotter was soft and yummy, and was served with some yam cubes too. I'm not much of a yam fan, but the pork was nicely done. Very sinful indeed~

The beggar duck was nice too, almost boneless, which makes it really easy to eat. The meat was so tender, you practically need no effort to rip the meat apart. If you had the dish with white rice, the sauce would be a really good combination.

The beggar glutinous rice could really make you feel full really fast! Hence , I only had a few spoons of it, also because my stomach can't take too much glutinous rice, it gives me indigestion. But the rice was donely really nicely and was full of flavour from the pork, black mushrooms and duck egg!

Pig's maw soup.

The pig's maw soup was served in an old-style claypot, which reminded of the olden days where people would boil Chinese medicinal herbs in. The soup had a generous helping of pig's maw and black fungi, yummy yum! I love pig's maw soup, particularly the peppery soup. It's a good soup to drink, especially on a rainy day (much like tom yam soup and BKT soup). As we drank the soup by the spoonful, we could feel the peppery sensation building up. Syok!

As for the deep fried sotong, it's a nice side dish to have, haha! Nothing to really shout about la.

We were full to the brim from all the food, and had a lot of Chinese tea to wash everything down. The bill came up to RM 180++ for 8 pax.


While driving back, my sister had a sudden craving for durian, so my dad stopped by Kampung Subang for a while, and we savoured a few kampung durians for dessert :P Buuuurrrrppp~~~

Ijok is just so far, I don't know if I want to make the trip back there XP If you want to make a journey there, try looking at this site for GPS coordinates.


I went to Ijok for this once but dun think is the same shop. The one I went was kindda old one like some small factory thinggy. And I heard you need to make reservation like 2 days in advance or else you won't be able to dine there at all.

kevin: yes, my dad made reservations for the beggar style dishes a few days in advance.