Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BBQ Chicken @ 1Utama
I've always wondered why the restaurant would use the abbreviations "BBQ", when they don't exactly barbeque your food. From what I've heard from friends who have tried this place, the chicken is deep fried in oil, no barbeque techniques. It was only after I surfed their website, did I come to realise that the letters "BBQ", stands for Best of the Best Quality. Ooookaaaayyy...

I had a chance to try this place with my parents and youngest sister the other night. My sister has just gotten her paycheck, and she said she will buy everyone dinner :D I was told that BBQ Chicken uses olive oil to deep fry their chicken. I was kinda sceptical at first. Olive oil? Isn't that a pretty expensive choice of oil to use for deep frying?

BBQ Chicken, No.1 in Korea (or so they claim).

A variety of choices for customers to choose from.

BBQ Chicken's menu had quite a fair bit of variety for us to choose from.Although I can't say the same for the dessert choices. Somehow photography for their desserts was less than enticing :P My family settled for the 'Combo Jumbo' family set (RM 59.90++). Comes with chicken (3 varieties), coleslaw, french fries and 4 carbonated drinks.

Pink leather (or PVC) seats, good for lovers to cosy up.

Several posters of some of their chicken meals adorn the walls on the restaurant interior. Deco was simple, very red in some parts.

The other section of the restaurant.

French fries and 2 plates of coleslaw.

First to come were the french fries and coleslaw. Fries were so-so, nothing to shout about. I supposed it was deep fried in olive oil as well, since the restaurant claims they only use olive oil. I didn't like their coleslaw, way too much mayonnaise in it.

A variety of choices for customers to choose from.

The chicken pieces came, and everyone digged in. There were 4 pieces of "Olive Luxury Chicken" (deep fried), 2 pieces of "Hot Hot Drums" (spicy) and 2 pieces of "Korean Charbroiled". The skin of the "Olive Luxury Chicken" was very crispy, but the meat tasted kinda bland. The "Hot Hot Drums" stood up to its name, spicy!

Korean Charbroiled, very greasy!

I quite liked the "Korean Charboiled" chicken. The chicken was flavourful and tender. One thing I don't like about it was, it was way too greasy! I shared a piece with my sister, and after eating just that half a piece, I felt jelak. Then I had a piece of the fried chicken (which was pretty alright, except for the bland meat), but after a while, also felt jelak. Somehow their chickens were a little too oily.

I probably won't go back to this place so soon, nothing really excited about their chickens~ Too much oil in one sitting.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Smart
I was early to the office today, like... 7.45am early, harhar! So I took a short walk to Old Town @ BU8, to catch their breakfast set. Nothing like some hot toast and half boiled eggs in the early mornings~~~

It was only a 5 minutes walk to BU8, and when I reached, I saw some of the staff of the kopitiam already preparing to open for business. I thought the glass door was already unlocked, so I tried to push it open. But it was still locked. One of the waitress saw me, and gave me hand gestures signaling they are only open at 8am, which was 10 minutes away.

So I was stuck outside, waiting for Old Town to open, at 8am... SHARP.

You would think they would be smart enough to at least let the waiting customer come in, and take a seat first. I know you start your operations at 8am, but the least you could have done was to let the waiting customer in, let her take a seat lah. I won't put an order until your kitchen is really ready for business what...! So "mm sing muk"~ (not smart)

So there I was, hanging around outside the kopitiam for 10 minutes, flipping the newspaper pages to catch the latest headlines around. And when they finally opened, I took a seat inside and placed my order. First customer of the day! Other than the waiting outside like a dungu, everything else about the breakfast set was fine and dandy~

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goodbye Yasmin

Image from here.

It's never easy to say goodbye, especially to those so wonderfully talented like you. You've carved a very beautiful world for us, a world of hope. You took a step further and pushed everything one step ahead. You were never afraid to question, and you were not afraid of any repercussions that came along with the questions. You were a very brave woman, something we can all learn. You put the country on the world map. You were truly, the epitome of Bangsa Malaysia.

You don't have to worry about censorship boards anymore. No need to worry about people implying bans on your films. No need to worry about negative criticism anymore. You are truly free.

Goodbye Yasmin. You've been a great inspiration to all. You are truly, the greatest story teller. Al-fatihah.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Canton-i @ Sunway Pyramid
A friend told us that we had to go try to roasted pork belly (siew yuk) from Canton-i's branch @ Sunway Pyramid. Seeing that I had to collect some stuff from Sunway area, we made our way to Sunway Pyramid for lunch and got a chance to do some window shopping.

Canton-i, truly Hong Kong.

Some items from the menu.

The weird thing we noticed about the pricing was... Why does the dry version ('korn lou') priced higher than the soup version? Dark soya sauce cost more ka?

White cabinets are used as part of the section divider.

Being a weekend, it was no surprise to see the restaurant packed to the brim. Turnover rate for customers was relatively high, and the Canton-i employees were constantly on their toes.

Clean white lines against a magenta painted ceiling.

I believe Canton-i's deco in every outlet is pretty similar. The usage of white is prominent, and together with the decorative white bird cages against the magenta painted ceiling, the interior certainly looks clean and inviting.

Yin yong~

I liked their yin-yong beverage, very smooth. Yin-yong is basically a mixture of coffee and tea, a relatively common beverage in most Chinese style cafe ('char-chan-teng').

Clean white lines against a magenta painted ceiling.

I ordered their Signature prawn wantan noodles. The noodles were nicely done, not overly cooked. And their wantan has springy prawns in it :D A good sign that fresh ingredients were used to make the wantan.

2-meat combo noodles.

Hubby ordered their 2-meat combo noodles, which came with siew yuk and char siew (you can choose from their range of meat). Portions were pretty generous, and after having a bite on the much talked siew yuk by our friend, it was not bad. Our home-made siew yuk still tasted better though, HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Some pastries available from Canton-i.

After the meal, we took a walk in the mall, and honestly, I could get lost in Sunway Pyramid! The new wing confuses me, I felt like a lost puppy there LOL!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Latjiu Pan Mee @ Kuchai Lama

That's the word printed on the receipt upon payment. The word means "chilli" in Cantonese. Hubby took me to Kuchai lama over the weekend for a taste of Jojo Little Kitchen's chilli pan mee. Pan mee is basically springy flat noodles, usually served in clear soup. Here in the Klang Valley, chilli pan mee is in a dry form, served with fried anchovies, minced pork meat, an egg and dry chilli.

I normally have my chilli pan mee fix in another restaurant called Super Kitchen @ Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Jojo Little Kitchen was recommended by a friend, and since hubby has been there before, he decided to take me there for lunch. Being a Saturday, traffic along the NPE was a breeze.

Upon reaching Kuchai Lama (which by the way, is a very foreign place to me!), there was quite a big crowd inside Jojo already. We got ourselves a table and hubby did the ordering.

3-layered tea (sam-sik-lai-char)

First to arrive were our drinks, the 3-layered tea. To be brutally honest, this is the 1st time I'm having this style of tea, teehee! It's a combination of tea, milk and... errr... I forgot what's the 3rd layer at the bottom, harhar! A nice and refreshing drink on a humid day.

Jojo Little Kitchen chilli pan mee.

Our noodles didn't take long to arrive. I noticed the way Jojo did the serving and the ones served at Super Kitchen differs slightly. At Super Kitchen, you decide how much chilli you want to put into your noodles (you scoop the chilli yourself). Here in Jojo, they've already added a dollop of chilli into the noodles. Hence, hubby warned me that I may not need to add more chilli to the noodles, as I can't really take spicy food. I took heed of his advice, I didn't want to spoil my lunch :P

Mix it all up~

Also, the noodles which Jojo serves are not the usual flat pan mee style. Their noodles were finer, similar to spaghetti, but slightly thinner. The taste factor for Jojo was ok, although I felt the noodles stuck together a lot. I'm not sure if it's the egg or perhaps the flour which they used to make the noodles. Somehow I still preferred Super Kitchen's chilli pan mee, in terms of taste.

The chilli at Jojo also has the 'kick' factor, and the spiciness didn't linger very long, which is good for people like me who can't take spicy food much :P Unlike Super Kitchen's chilli (which is sibeh hot!), Jojo's chilli spiciness has a short kick. It appealed to me, but may not appeal to those who really want a kick out of their chilli, heh!

Hubby's 2nd drink during lunch, ice lemon tea.

At RM 5.50 per bowl, the chilli pan mee here is pretty reasonable. If you're a big eater, take on the large bowl, priced at RM 6.50. I was told that during weekdays, this place is packed to the brim. We were there during the weekend, and there was a constant stream of customers coming in.

The irony of this place is... Face-To-Face Chilli Pan Mee is just next door, LOL!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Furoshiki Cloth
I first heard about this furoshiki cloth from a colleague. A what, you say? FU-RO-SHI-KI cloth. If you watch Japanese dramas, you might have seen them wrapping their bentos using this square piece of cloth. That's the furoshiki cloth.
Furoshiki is the eco-friendly wrapping cloth. Using techniques similar to origami, it can be used for gift wrapping, grocery shopping or simply as decor. - http://furoshiki.com/

I did some googling about it and thought it was an interesting idea. Then I read from another friend's blog that she paid over RM 70 for a furoshiki cloth from Isetan. Wah! A piece of cloth can cost so much meh?

And then I found OneCard members can get the cloth FOC when you spend a minimum of RM 100 (RM 150 for non-members). That would be easy, since hubby and I always go to 1U and do our shopping. Lo and behold, my 1st furoshiki cloth...

Furoshiki cloth from 1U.

Actually, it was just a piece of cotton cloth la, with some designs on it :P There are 4 designs for you to choose from, so you can collect all 4. The idea behind this furoshiki cloth is pretty much like those canvas shopping bags. Instead of using plastic bags to carry your items, you use the cloth instead. You can also use the cloth as a gift wrap, because instead of using paper, you use cloth. And you can reuse to cloth to wrap another gift and pass on the environmental message. On top of that, the cloth can be used as a scarf (it's big enough to be a scarf).

Instructions on how to wrap using the furoshiki cloth.

The cloth also comes with instructions on different wrapping styles. You can wrap your bento box, your books, bottles, even a watermelon! Yes, this cloth is very very versatile indeed. I tried my hands on the 4-tiers wrap and ta-dah! Actually this wrap very easy only laaaa, it's not rocket science, haha! Makes your bento boxes or containers more stylish when you carry them around only la~ There are some wraps that are a wee bit more complex, such as wrapping 2 bottles together.

My attempt on the 4-tiers wrap.

It's a very novel idea from the Japanese, although I wonder how many people in Malaysia would actually practise it. I can imagine, if I use this cloth to gift wrap, and hope that the next person would reuse the cloth for another gift and pass the message on... The cloth would be quietly hidden in someone's purse :P

I'll still stick to my green shopping bag for now, because it's a lot larger and more practical, even though I can't use it as a scarf :P

Monday, July 13, 2009

Over the years, I've learnt to let go a lot of unhappy memories. Memories that would either make me really angry or really sad. Life is just too short to keep holding on, isn't it?

I'm a normal person, with normal needs and wants. I'm also very flawed, much like anyone else out there. No one is perfect, we are all the same. We may be tall or short, fat or thin. We are but the same. A form of creation by the greater powers, and we come complete with flaws. The list of flaws can be endless. From greed to anger, from doing evil to creating wars. And one of our greatest flaws is remembering things.

There are some thing I really don't want to be reminded of. In fact, if I have a choice, I would completely erase those memories from my hard disk.

Right-click > Delete > Send to trash > Right-click > Empty Recycle Bin > Are you sure you want to delete all of the items in the Recycle Bin? > Yes

Memories are what makes a person. Memories are what moulds us to what we are today. There are good memories. There are also bad memories. I can't get rid of some of the bad memories. And I won't let the bad memories control me. I may feel a little sad when those memories flood my mind once a while. but rest assured I will get over them. I've already moved on, but memories will always linger on.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Penang Food Trip 2009
A group of us made a trip to Penang last weekend, and everyone came back with extra weight :D I'll let the pictures speak for itself. I won't be responsible should you start to salivate all over your keyboard.

For more pictures, click here (Penang Food Trip July 2009 link).

One of Penang's must-have, char kuey teow.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tune Hotel, Penang
A group of friends and I made our way up north over the recent weekend, for our much anticipated food trip. We made bookings to stay over at the newly opened Tune Hotel (they opened in April 2009), along Burmah Road. A friend had managed to book 4 rooms at a very cheap rate, something like RM 40++ per room per night. On top of that, we bought 12-hrs extra air-conditioning credits per room per night, which brings the total bill to about RM 120 per couple, for a 3D2N stay. Cheap, right?

Tune Hotel, Penang.

The hotel is strategically located in town, so it makes going around town pretty convenient for tourists. There's a 7-11 just downstairs, plus a cafe which will be opening soon. Right next to the hotel is New World Park, where the former Swatou lane hawkers used to be. The hawkers have since moved into the new food court building, so it's much cleaner to have your meal there now (although having such a modern food court now might take away some of Penang's old charms which attracts people there).

Recycle bins are provided.

Recycle bins are placed outside the lifts on every floor, and I think this is a good initiative from Tune Hotels, to encourage people to recycle waste and not simply litter about.

Reception area.

Wi-Fi section for hotel guests.

There's free Wi-Fi available for hotel guests too, just approach the reception and they will give you the login IDs for a 30-minute usage (that's the limit for each room per day). If you want to have Wi-Fi access from your room, it's a chargeable add-on.

Simple and cosy lounge area.

The lounge area is spacious and cosy (we spent some time there playing the card game 'Declare!'). There's also a cafe on this floor providing free Wi-Fi, and a book store should you need to buy some magazines/newspapers.

The walkways of the hotel, with hand-painted decorative floral motifs.

A peek at our room.

Tune Hotel's concept is a no-frills kind of hotel concept. You get a room with a queen size bed and clean linens. It's not a very big room, in fact, the room size reminded us of First World @ Genting Highlands LOL. There's no wardrobe for you, but there is a small metal hanger available. Oh well, we didn't mind it, just as long as the rooms were clean and comfortable. There are fans in every room, so you can choose not to buy the extra air-cond credits (either 12hrs or 24hrs per day). Also, things like toiletries, hair dryer usage and towels are also chargeable add-ons, which you can refer to the Tune Hotel's website for further details. For this trip, we brought our own towels and toiletries.

The attached bathroom.

The attached bathroom was done pretty nicely. A thick glass door divides the room and bathroom, which you just close for some privacy (you can't lock it). The area where the sink and the toilet bowl is, is a little tight because when you open the thick glass door, the space is big enough for one one person to walk into. But that's a very small issue, just as long as the place is clean. We love the deep sink! :P There's a hair dryer as well, but it's a chargeable add-on at RM 1 per stay. I absolutely love the shower head!!!! A huge round shower head, complete with hot water features. Plus the bath area is big enough for 2 person to bathe together, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *kinky*

Hate the teet-ing sound from this panel!

Your room card will have all the room details keyed in, once you've checked in. The card will control whatever add-ons you've opted for (air-cond credits, hair dryer usage etc). The only thing annoying me about the hotel room was the teet-ing sound from the master control panel (where you slot the room card into). We don't know what or why it was emitting that teet-ing sound, but we suspect it was calculating the air-cond credits. It's not a loud sound, but the constant teet-ing was pretty annoying for some of us, especially so for me. Teet-teet-teet-teet every second...! I had to use the quilt to cover my head while sleeping, just to block the annoying teet-ing sound HAHA!. Luckily the quilt was thick enough to block out the sound. I left a comment on the feedback form regarding this when we checked out, so I hope the Tune people will look into this.

Car park bays behind the hotel.

If you're thinking of parking your car at the hotel car park, be prepared to be disappointed as the hotel carpark is very limited. Being a hotel located in town (and you know how scarce land is in Penang now), you'll have to settle parking your car next door, at New World park. We drove 3 cars up to Penang, and we were lucky to park 2 cars at the hotel carpark, and used the big-ass Alphard to move around town (thanks Foo & Michelle Lau).

Overall, my friends and I thought that the hotel was a pretty good bargain, especially if you're looking for a cheap, clean and convenient place in town. It's not the bestest (private joke, harhar!) place in town, but it's good enough and made our stay pleasant. Let's just hope that the people can maintain the budget hotel well enough.

For more information about Tune Hotels, click here.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Oli is on hiatus for a while, going up north to stuff my face, ahaks! The stupid meow will keep you company until she gets back with a happy tummy :D

Macam tai-kor.

Lazy lazy kitty.

*box box the camera*

Shows off a semi-twist & flabby belly.

Lu kwa ha mi?!