Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BBQ Chicken @ 1Utama
I've always wondered why the restaurant would use the abbreviations "BBQ", when they don't exactly barbeque your food. From what I've heard from friends who have tried this place, the chicken is deep fried in oil, no barbeque techniques. It was only after I surfed their website, did I come to realise that the letters "BBQ", stands for Best of the Best Quality. Ooookaaaayyy...

I had a chance to try this place with my parents and youngest sister the other night. My sister has just gotten her paycheck, and she said she will buy everyone dinner :D I was told that BBQ Chicken uses olive oil to deep fry their chicken. I was kinda sceptical at first. Olive oil? Isn't that a pretty expensive choice of oil to use for deep frying?

BBQ Chicken, No.1 in Korea (or so they claim).

A variety of choices for customers to choose from.

BBQ Chicken's menu had quite a fair bit of variety for us to choose from.Although I can't say the same for the dessert choices. Somehow photography for their desserts was less than enticing :P My family settled for the 'Combo Jumbo' family set (RM 59.90++). Comes with chicken (3 varieties), coleslaw, french fries and 4 carbonated drinks.

Pink leather (or PVC) seats, good for lovers to cosy up.

Several posters of some of their chicken meals adorn the walls on the restaurant interior. Deco was simple, very red in some parts.

The other section of the restaurant.

French fries and 2 plates of coleslaw.

First to come were the french fries and coleslaw. Fries were so-so, nothing to shout about. I supposed it was deep fried in olive oil as well, since the restaurant claims they only use olive oil. I didn't like their coleslaw, way too much mayonnaise in it.

A variety of choices for customers to choose from.

The chicken pieces came, and everyone digged in. There were 4 pieces of "Olive Luxury Chicken" (deep fried), 2 pieces of "Hot Hot Drums" (spicy) and 2 pieces of "Korean Charbroiled". The skin of the "Olive Luxury Chicken" was very crispy, but the meat tasted kinda bland. The "Hot Hot Drums" stood up to its name, spicy!

Korean Charbroiled, very greasy!

I quite liked the "Korean Charboiled" chicken. The chicken was flavourful and tender. One thing I don't like about it was, it was way too greasy! I shared a piece with my sister, and after eating just that half a piece, I felt jelak. Then I had a piece of the fried chicken (which was pretty alright, except for the bland meat), but after a while, also felt jelak. Somehow their chickens were a little too oily.

I probably won't go back to this place so soon, nothing really excited about their chickens~ Too much oil in one sitting.


I guess they over do the olive oil thinggy...