Thursday, July 23, 2009

Canton-i @ Sunway Pyramid
A friend told us that we had to go try to roasted pork belly (siew yuk) from Canton-i's branch @ Sunway Pyramid. Seeing that I had to collect some stuff from Sunway area, we made our way to Sunway Pyramid for lunch and got a chance to do some window shopping.

Canton-i, truly Hong Kong.

Some items from the menu.

The weird thing we noticed about the pricing was... Why does the dry version ('korn lou') priced higher than the soup version? Dark soya sauce cost more ka?

White cabinets are used as part of the section divider.

Being a weekend, it was no surprise to see the restaurant packed to the brim. Turnover rate for customers was relatively high, and the Canton-i employees were constantly on their toes.

Clean white lines against a magenta painted ceiling.

I believe Canton-i's deco in every outlet is pretty similar. The usage of white is prominent, and together with the decorative white bird cages against the magenta painted ceiling, the interior certainly looks clean and inviting.

Yin yong~

I liked their yin-yong beverage, very smooth. Yin-yong is basically a mixture of coffee and tea, a relatively common beverage in most Chinese style cafe ('char-chan-teng').

Clean white lines against a magenta painted ceiling.

I ordered their Signature prawn wantan noodles. The noodles were nicely done, not overly cooked. And their wantan has springy prawns in it :D A good sign that fresh ingredients were used to make the wantan.

2-meat combo noodles.

Hubby ordered their 2-meat combo noodles, which came with siew yuk and char siew (you can choose from their range of meat). Portions were pretty generous, and after having a bite on the much talked siew yuk by our friend, it was not bad. Our home-made siew yuk still tasted better though, HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Some pastries available from Canton-i.

After the meal, we took a walk in the mall, and honestly, I could get lost in Sunway Pyramid! The new wing confuses me, I felt like a lost puppy there LOL!