Saturday, July 18, 2009

Furoshiki Cloth
I first heard about this furoshiki cloth from a colleague. A what, you say? FU-RO-SHI-KI cloth. If you watch Japanese dramas, you might have seen them wrapping their bentos using this square piece of cloth. That's the furoshiki cloth.

Furoshiki is the eco-friendly wrapping cloth. Using techniques similar to origami, it can be used for gift wrapping, grocery shopping or simply as decor. -

I did some googling about it and thought it was an interesting idea. Then I read from another friend's blog that she paid over RM 70 for a furoshiki cloth from Isetan. Wah! A piece of cloth can cost so much meh?

And then I found OneCard members can get the cloth FOC when you spend a minimum of RM 100 (RM 150 for non-members). That would be easy, since hubby and I always go to 1U and do our shopping. Lo and behold, my 1st furoshiki cloth...

Furoshiki cloth from 1U.

Actually, it was just a piece of cotton cloth la, with some designs on it :P There are 4 designs for you to choose from, so you can collect all 4. The idea behind this furoshiki cloth is pretty much like those canvas shopping bags. Instead of using plastic bags to carry your items, you use the cloth instead. You can also use the cloth as a gift wrap, because instead of using paper, you use cloth. And you can reuse to cloth to wrap another gift and pass on the environmental message. On top of that, the cloth can be used as a scarf (it's big enough to be a scarf).

Instructions on how to wrap using the furoshiki cloth.

The cloth also comes with instructions on different wrapping styles. You can wrap your bento box, your books, bottles, even a watermelon! Yes, this cloth is very very versatile indeed. I tried my hands on the 4-tiers wrap and ta-dah! Actually this wrap very easy only laaaa, it's not rocket science, haha! Makes your bento boxes or containers more stylish when you carry them around only la~ There are some wraps that are a wee bit more complex, such as wrapping 2 bottles together.

My attempt on the 4-tiers wrap.

It's a very novel idea from the Japanese, although I wonder how many people in Malaysia would actually practise it. I can imagine, if I use this cloth to gift wrap, and hope that the next person would reuse the cloth for another gift and pass the message on... The cloth would be quietly hidden in someone's purse :P

I'll still stick to my green shopping bag for now, because it's a lot larger and more practical, even though I can't use it as a scarf :P


RM 70 for a piece of cloth? I tell you what is eco-friendly - GUNNY SACK!!! It's big enough to bungkus your mother-in-law even! :P

doc: gunny sack too big and zhor-deng to carry around maaaa :P