Sunday, July 19, 2009

Latjiu Pan Mee @ Kuchai Lama

That's the word printed on the receipt upon payment. The word means "chilli" in Cantonese. Hubby took me to Kuchai lama over the weekend for a taste of Jojo Little Kitchen's chilli pan mee. Pan mee is basically springy flat noodles, usually served in clear soup. Here in the Klang Valley, chilli pan mee is in a dry form, served with fried anchovies, minced pork meat, an egg and dry chilli.

I normally have my chilli pan mee fix in another restaurant called Super Kitchen @ Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Jojo Little Kitchen was recommended by a friend, and since hubby has been there before, he decided to take me there for lunch. Being a Saturday, traffic along the NPE was a breeze.

Upon reaching Kuchai Lama (which by the way, is a very foreign place to me!), there was quite a big crowd inside Jojo already. We got ourselves a table and hubby did the ordering.

3-layered tea (sam-sik-lai-char)

First to arrive were our drinks, the 3-layered tea. To be brutally honest, this is the 1st time I'm having this style of tea, teehee! It's a combination of tea, milk and... errr... I forgot what's the 3rd layer at the bottom, harhar! A nice and refreshing drink on a humid day.

Jojo Little Kitchen chilli pan mee.

Our noodles didn't take long to arrive. I noticed the way Jojo did the serving and the ones served at Super Kitchen differs slightly. At Super Kitchen, you decide how much chilli you want to put into your noodles (you scoop the chilli yourself). Here in Jojo, they've already added a dollop of chilli into the noodles. Hence, hubby warned me that I may not need to add more chilli to the noodles, as I can't really take spicy food. I took heed of his advice, I didn't want to spoil my lunch :P

Mix it all up~

Also, the noodles which Jojo serves are not the usual flat pan mee style. Their noodles were finer, similar to spaghetti, but slightly thinner. The taste factor for Jojo was ok, although I felt the noodles stuck together a lot. I'm not sure if it's the egg or perhaps the flour which they used to make the noodles. Somehow I still preferred Super Kitchen's chilli pan mee, in terms of taste.

The chilli at Jojo also has the 'kick' factor, and the spiciness didn't linger very long, which is good for people like me who can't take spicy food much :P Unlike Super Kitchen's chilli (which is sibeh hot!), Jojo's chilli spiciness has a short kick. It appealed to me, but may not appeal to those who really want a kick out of their chilli, heh!

Hubby's 2nd drink during lunch, ice lemon tea.

At RM 5.50 per bowl, the chilli pan mee here is pretty reasonable. If you're a big eater, take on the large bowl, priced at RM 6.50. I was told that during weekdays, this place is packed to the brim. We were there during the weekend, and there was a constant stream of customers coming in.

The irony of this place is... Face-To-Face Chilli Pan Mee is just next door, LOL!


i think the 3rd layer is gula melaka

Is this the one?,101.591949&sspn=1.032662,1.234589&ie=UTF8&ll=3.086737,101.682479&spn=0.016134,0.01929&z=16
Will go there one day to test it out.

suanie: thks for the info :D

kevin: yups, dat's the one.