Monday, July 13, 2009

Over the years, I've learnt to let go a lot of unhappy memories. Memories that would either make me really angry or really sad. Life is just too short to keep holding on, isn't it?

I'm a normal person, with normal needs and wants. I'm also very flawed, much like anyone else out there. No one is perfect, we are all the same. We may be tall or short, fat or thin. We are but the same. A form of creation by the greater powers, and we come complete with flaws. The list of flaws can be endless. From greed to anger, from doing evil to creating wars. And one of our greatest flaws is remembering things.

There are some thing I really don't want to be reminded of. In fact, if I have a choice, I would completely erase those memories from my hard disk.

Right-click > Delete > Send to trash > Right-click > Empty Recycle Bin > Are you sure you want to delete all of the items in the Recycle Bin? > Yes

Memories are what makes a person. Memories are what moulds us to what we are today. There are good memories. There are also bad memories. I can't get rid of some of the bad memories. And I won't let the bad memories control me. I may feel a little sad when those memories flood my mind once a while. but rest assured I will get over them. I've already moved on, but memories will always linger on.


And to make it worst, those things that you really need to remember gets erased more often... sienz...