Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Smart
I was early to the office today, like... 7.45am early, harhar! So I took a short walk to Old Town @ BU8, to catch their breakfast set. Nothing like some hot toast and half boiled eggs in the early mornings~~~

It was only a 5 minutes walk to BU8, and when I reached, I saw some of the staff of the kopitiam already preparing to open for business. I thought the glass door was already unlocked, so I tried to push it open. But it was still locked. One of the waitress saw me, and gave me hand gestures signaling they are only open at 8am, which was 10 minutes away.

So I was stuck outside, waiting for Old Town to open, at 8am... SHARP.

You would think they would be smart enough to at least let the waiting customer come in, and take a seat first. I know you start your operations at 8am, but the least you could have done was to let the waiting customer in, let her take a seat lah. I won't put an order until your kitchen is really ready for business what...! So "mm sing muk"~ (not smart)

So there I was, hanging around outside the kopitiam for 10 minutes, flipping the newspaper pages to catch the latest headlines around. And when they finally opened, I took a seat inside and placed my order. First customer of the day! Other than the waiting outside like a dungu, everything else about the breakfast set was fine and dandy~