Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tune Hotel, Penang
A group of friends and I made our way up north over the recent weekend, for our much anticipated food trip. We made bookings to stay over at the newly opened Tune Hotel (they opened in April 2009), along Burmah Road. A friend had managed to book 4 rooms at a very cheap rate, something like RM 40++ per room per night. On top of that, we bought 12-hrs extra air-conditioning credits per room per night, which brings the total bill to about RM 120 per couple, for a 3D2N stay. Cheap, right?

Tune Hotel, Penang.

The hotel is strategically located in town, so it makes going around town pretty convenient for tourists. There's a 7-11 just downstairs, plus a cafe which will be opening soon. Right next to the hotel is New World Park, where the former Swatou lane hawkers used to be. The hawkers have since moved into the new food court building, so it's much cleaner to have your meal there now (although having such a modern food court now might take away some of Penang's old charms which attracts people there).

Recycle bins are provided.

Recycle bins are placed outside the lifts on every floor, and I think this is a good initiative from Tune Hotels, to encourage people to recycle waste and not simply litter about.

Reception area.

Wi-Fi section for hotel guests.

There's free Wi-Fi available for hotel guests too, just approach the reception and they will give you the login IDs for a 30-minute usage (that's the limit for each room per day). If you want to have Wi-Fi access from your room, it's a chargeable add-on.

Simple and cosy lounge area.

The lounge area is spacious and cosy (we spent some time there playing the card game 'Declare!'). There's also a cafe on this floor providing free Wi-Fi, and a book store should you need to buy some magazines/newspapers.

The walkways of the hotel, with hand-painted decorative floral motifs.

A peek at our room.

Tune Hotel's concept is a no-frills kind of hotel concept. You get a room with a queen size bed and clean linens. It's not a very big room, in fact, the room size reminded us of First World @ Genting Highlands LOL. There's no wardrobe for you, but there is a small metal hanger available. Oh well, we didn't mind it, just as long as the rooms were clean and comfortable. There are fans in every room, so you can choose not to buy the extra air-cond credits (either 12hrs or 24hrs per day). Also, things like toiletries, hair dryer usage and towels are also chargeable add-ons, which you can refer to the Tune Hotel's website for further details. For this trip, we brought our own towels and toiletries.

The attached bathroom.

The attached bathroom was done pretty nicely. A thick glass door divides the room and bathroom, which you just close for some privacy (you can't lock it). The area where the sink and the toilet bowl is, is a little tight because when you open the thick glass door, the space is big enough for one one person to walk into. But that's a very small issue, just as long as the place is clean. We love the deep sink! :P There's a hair dryer as well, but it's a chargeable add-on at RM 1 per stay. I absolutely love the shower head!!!! A huge round shower head, complete with hot water features. Plus the bath area is big enough for 2 person to bathe together, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *kinky*

Hate the teet-ing sound from this panel!

Your room card will have all the room details keyed in, once you've checked in. The card will control whatever add-ons you've opted for (air-cond credits, hair dryer usage etc). The only thing annoying me about the hotel room was the teet-ing sound from the master control panel (where you slot the room card into). We don't know what or why it was emitting that teet-ing sound, but we suspect it was calculating the air-cond credits. It's not a loud sound, but the constant teet-ing was pretty annoying for some of us, especially so for me. Teet-teet-teet-teet every second...! I had to use the quilt to cover my head while sleeping, just to block the annoying teet-ing sound HAHA!. Luckily the quilt was thick enough to block out the sound. I left a comment on the feedback form regarding this when we checked out, so I hope the Tune people will look into this.

Car park bays behind the hotel.

If you're thinking of parking your car at the hotel car park, be prepared to be disappointed as the hotel carpark is very limited. Being a hotel located in town (and you know how scarce land is in Penang now), you'll have to settle parking your car next door, at New World park. We drove 3 cars up to Penang, and we were lucky to park 2 cars at the hotel carpark, and used the big-ass Alphard to move around town (thanks Foo & Michelle Lau).

Overall, my friends and I thought that the hotel was a pretty good bargain, especially if you're looking for a cheap, clean and convenient place in town. It's not the bestest (private joke, harhar!) place in town, but it's good enough and made our stay pleasant. Let's just hope that the people can maintain the budget hotel well enough.

For more information about Tune Hotels, click here.


do they provide tv in the room?

anon: no tv, no frills concept.

Hi oliviasy,

Thanks for your wonderfully comprehensive review of our Tune Hotels.com - Downtown Penang. We're glad you found the hotel a convenient option for your and your friends and hope to welcome you to other hotels around Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Kuala Lumpur, KLIA-LCCT Airport) and soon 2 hotels in Kuta and Legian, Bali, Indonesia.

FYI we are addressing the issue of the'teet-ing' sound being emitted from the power control and you should not have to encounter this issue the next time you check in with us - thanks for your feedback! :)

anon: u'r wc

michelle-ann: thks for leaving your comments on my blog, was quite surprised actually. too bad u didn't leave an email/title, cld've asked you some questions regarding tune hotel :P it's gud to know u guys are pro-active.

I'm part of the regional marketing team ... our CEO Mark Lankester quite rightly says that Tune Hotels.com is a product created by our guests - so we try as much as possible to keep listening to guest feedback so we can constantly improve. As a limited-service product of course we have to work within certain constraints to keep providing a "5-star sleeping experience at a 1-star price" but the great thing about our job is that it forces us to be smarter, to be creative and achieve more with less! :)

You can email me at michelle.iking@tunehotels.com cc-ing the general query email enquiry@tunehotels.com in case I am not able to revert on your questions immediately. Ask away! :)

michelle-ann: thks for leaving an email add, and it's a pleasant surprise to hear from you again :) actually all I had to ask was if the single rooms (single bed) the same size as double rooms, haha. I do hope Tune Hotel can be well maintained bcos one of the main flaws of a budget hotel is it tends to get run down after a year or so, due to financial reasons etc. let's hope tune hotel will be able to keep its standard ;)