Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rice Café @ Lorong Bangsar
Working in a place where food is pretty much the top most priority, it's never a surprise when one finds a new eatery and brings along the whole zoo to savour something new and good. After all, sharing is caring, right?

One such place which landed its name into the list was Rice Café, a new entry to the game of F&B. Located in the more quiet area of Bangsar, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Telawi and Bangsar Village, they serve a variety of local delights such as nasi lemak and assam laksa. Pricing is fairly ok, because you can get a pretty decent meal for under RM 10 (excluding beverages). These days, if you can get a decent plate of nasi lemak in a café for under RM 10, it's considered reasonably priced liao. I'm also pretty sure the sultry hostess was one of the main reasons some of my colleagues paid a visit there :P.

Assam laksa.

The assam laksa was highly recommended, and being a Friday and having lazy brains, I decided to try their assam laksa. It came with a very thick broth, a good sign of generous helpings of ingredients used in the dish. Oddly enough, it didn't come with the usual slices of cucumbers you would normally find in assam laksa. The broth was aromatic, although a tad on the sweet side. And I felt it lack the "assam" (sourish) flavour which is the key to any good assam laksa. Overall, the assam laksa was good, just lacks the kick.

Set lunch of the day, and it comes with a free drink too.

One of my colleagues tried their set lunches, which came with rice, marmite chicken and mixed vegetables. He said that the marmite chicken was good and flavourful, and would've been better if the marmite chicken came with some gravy (to go with the rice). I can't remember how much the set lunches are, but I'm pretty sure it's reasonably priced.

Deep fried chicken ala Indonesian style.

My other colleague had a side order of fried chicken, Indonesian style. I think the shredded bits are lemongrass. Very nicely done piece of chicken, I might add. I didn't get the chance to try it as my bowl of assam laksa had pretty much filled my tummy. But looking at the satisfied look of my colleague's face was enough to convince me that the piece of chicken was goooood~~~

The very friendly hostess also asked if we would like to try their desserts (tong sui), so we graciously obliged and ordered the "foo-chuk yee mai" (barley + foo-chuk). The dessert was oklah, nothing great about it. It's something hubby and I make at home from time to time, so it's not something special. The good thing about it was that it's not too sweet.

I think we'll be visiting this quaint café again very soon. Reasonable prices, pretty good food, and a sexy sight thrown in as well ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Random Conversation
At the gynecologist's clinic...

Doctor: *scan scan*... Bla bla bla... Mmmm, you're quite thin... a bit hard to scan your kidney...

Oli: *grins* A little bit la...

Doctor: *scan summore*... I'm trying to scan your kidney, but your bone is in the way...

Oli: LOL!

Doctor: Hehehehehehe...!

Yes, sometimes my trip to my gynecologist can be quite entertaining :P I was there to get a pap smear done, and also get some consultation regarding the cervical cancer vaccine. At the same time, my gynae also did a breast examination, scanned my liver, kidneys and reproductive organs. Everything a-okay!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Long Time No Call...
While watching a movie in the cinema last night, my phone was ringing several times. It was on silent mode, hence it kept vibrating each time the call came in. I ignored it completely, and only checked it after the movie ended. 4 missed calls in total, all from the same number. I texted my friend, apologising for not picking up his call as I was in the cinema hall, and asked him what was up? He called me back...

Friend: You are a hard woman to get hold off!!!

Oli: I was watching a movie la...!!!

Now, the last time I met up with this friend, was during our wedding reception in 2006. We haven't really kept in contact since. And "normally", when you get a call from someone whom you haven't heard in a long long while, it can only mean one thing...

Oli: So what's up? You getting married ka?

Friend: *giggles*... Ya lah...!

KABOOM! Kena one red bomb :P I congratulated my friend and was happy for him also lah. I then asked when is his big day, and unfortunately his wedding day clashed with our holiday plans next month. So sorry, dude, but we won't be able to attend your big day. Thank you for extending the invitation to us though :) Hubby and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your new wife, a very happy and blessed union~

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village II
Met up with some friends recently around Bangsar area and had some gourmet burgers to boot. It was my 1st time to The Daily Grind. Sadly, I thought their burgers were a little inconsistent and pricey. The way they cooked their beef patties were disappointing, as some of my friends put it. You order medium, they give you an almost well-done patty. You order medium-raw, you get a medium. Apalah~

The Daily Grind menu, plenty of burger choices.

The Daily Grind chilli & ketchup, not your regular factory-made sauces.

Some potato skin for starters.

One of the burgers, beef burger with foie gras, I think.

Another beef burger, with sotong rings.

I didn't take a picture of my fish burger, it didn't taste that great. Fish was fishy~ The helpings were pretty big, but quality wise, so-so aje la. The buns were rather dry, andI thought the burgers were priced a bit on the high side too, they are gourmet burgers to begin with. I'll still go for the Double Swiss Mushroom or Ramly burger anytime :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

SG Trip 31st July to 2nd August 2009
My colleagues and I made a quick weekend trip to Singapore recently, to catch the Da Vinci exhibition, as well as checked out the Science Centre and caught the short movie on Vincent Van Gogh.

Reaching Tg Pagar, Singapore.

We took the Friday night train down south, and it was my first (and last!) time on the KTM Komuter night train :P Damn san fu aje~ Can't sleep the whole night due to the noise from the train, the constant rocking, and it didn't help when people started smoking outside the cabins. Pfffttt!

Hangout Hotel @ Mt Emily.

We stayed in a budget hotel, called Hangout Hotel @ Mt Emily. 5 of us bunked into a Quin-bed room. The room was clean and comfy, with clean linens and towels for hotel guests. Breakfast for the following day was also included. On the 2nd floor, there's a lounge area, coffee machine and some PCs with free internet access for hotel guests. Not bad for a no-frills budget hotel :)

Da Vinci, the genius~

After freshening up, we made our way to Jurong East via MRT, and walked to the Science Centre to catch the exhibition and movie. We bought the packaged ticket, which allowed us to see the Da Vinci exhibition, visit the Science Centre and watch the Van Gogh movie. The Da Vinci exhibition was very enlightening, and if you ever get the chance to catch it, go for it :) The exhibition will be coming to KL at the end of this year, so watch out for it.

Wild Rocket.

Dinner for Saturday night was at Wild Rocket, a cosy restaurant located on the ground floor of Hangout Hotel. My colleague has made reservations there one week in advance (!!), due to the crowd this place garners during the weekends, and also because of the limited number of patrons the restaurant can handle. Their menu is pretty unique. You can expect to find things such as herbal pork rib consommé with BKT wanton and salted duck egg pasta, which we ordered, hehe!

Anyone up for a ride?

We checked out the hotel the next morning, and guess what was waiting for us just outside the hotel entrance? :PpPpP

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's the Science Centre/MOS Burger's Fault!
One of the highlights of my recent Singapore trip, was to catch a short 40 minutes movie about Vincent Van Gogh @ the Omni-Theatre, Sinagpore Science Centre. We bought a packaged ticket, which allows us to view the Da Vinci exhibition at the Annex, the Science Centre and catch one of the Van Gogh screenings. We intended to catch the 5pm screening of Van Gogh, but before that, we would pay a visit to the other 2 locations.

One of our colleagues wanted to spend more time at the Da Vinci exhibit, so we left him there while we made our way to the Science Centre. But before that, we reminded him that the Van Gogh movie is at 5pm. So off we went to discover the Science Centre.

At 4.45pm, we made our way to the Omni-Theatre and I SMSed my colleague, informing him we're on our way to the theatre, and for him to meet us there. I SMSed his Malaysian number, because he had 2 phones with him; One Malaysian number, the other a Singapore number.

As we sat in the theatre, we anticipated our colleague would walk in. He didn't. The movie started and ended, and when the lights came back on, we still didn't see him. "Did he really miss it?" we all thought...

We walked out to the lobby area of the theatre (it was pass 6pm already when we walked out), and tried to call his Malaysian number, but to no avail. So we figured, ok, let's just walk back out to the garden, where the McDonalds is, and see if he's there. True enough, my colleague was sitting on the bench near McDonalds, munching on McNuggets. This is the conversation that (roughly) transpired...

IRM: NOM NOM NOM... this is my lunch *munching on nuggets*

UNK: Eh eh, so you didn't catch the movie at all? You missed it?!

Oli & SQ: Ya man, where were you?

SQ and I saw the Science Centre stamp on the hand, so we thought he did catch the movie with us, but was seated elsewhere.

IRM: NOM NOM NOM... still got time wat... I was at the Science Centre. Wah so many things to see!

Oli & SQ: We were at the Science Centre before the movie too! Did you catch the movie? We tried to call you.

UNK: I asked Oli to SMS you before we went into the theatre. I tried to call you after the movie. Oli tried to call you after the movie...

IRM: NOM NOM NOM... I shut my Malaysian number off, to conserve battery.

Oli, SQ & UNK gave the OMG look...

UNK: Yea but did you catch the van Gogh movie at 5pm just now?!?

IRM: NOM NOM NOM... The movie's at 5pm wat, still got time...

Oli, SQ & UNK looked at each other...

Oli: Dude... it's pass 6pm already...!

IRM: *dazed*... Nolah! It's still early! (takes out his mobile, which is his Singapore number. The mobile phone's time was 2.58pm)

Oli, SQ & UNK looked at each other... dungu-fied.

Oli: Dude... it's PASS 6pm ALREADY...! *points to watch*

UNK:... You mean you completely missed the 5pm movie?!? And how can you still think it's 2.58pm?!?!?! Look around you! The sky has no more clouds, it's getting dark, the shadows on the ground all tell you it's NOT 2pm?!?

It took several minutes for IRM to realise he missed the 5pm movie. And then he let out a very big moan...

IRM: OOOooOOOooOOooOOooOooOooOoooOOoooooOOOOooOOOooo!!!!!!!!

Oli, SQ & UNK burst out laughing ROTFLMAO. And he kept moaning on and on and on, and we kept laughing.

We were already planning to head back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner. IRM decided to stay back to catch the following screening of the Van Gogh movie, which was at 8pm. While we went back to the hotel to have a nice dinner :)

He's been blaming the Science Centre and the MOS burger he had prior to reaching the centre for his off-timing.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beezee Beezee
Ok ok, so I haven't been updating my blog for a week now :P Been kinda busy with work and such ma, give face a bit~

I have a few blog posts to write about...

1) My recent Singapore trip (my 1st time on the KTM commuter, ahaks!)
2) Da Vinci Exhibition @ Science Centre, Singapore
3) Super duper blur moments by my colleagues (it's contagious!)
4) Photos of the entire trip

So there you have it, a prologue of what to expect :D