Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village II
Met up with some friends recently around Bangsar area and had some gourmet burgers to boot. It was my 1st time to The Daily Grind. Sadly, I thought their burgers were a little inconsistent and pricey. The way they cooked their beef patties were disappointing, as some of my friends put it. You order medium, they give you an almost well-done patty. You order medium-raw, you get a medium. Apalah~

The Daily Grind menu, plenty of burger choices.

The Daily Grind chilli & ketchup, not your regular factory-made sauces.

Some potato skin for starters.

One of the burgers, beef burger with foie gras, I think.

Another beef burger, with sotong rings.

I didn't take a picture of my fish burger, it didn't taste that great. Fish was fishy~ The helpings were pretty big, but quality wise, so-so aje la. The buns were rather dry, andI thought the burgers were priced a bit on the high side too, they are gourmet burgers to begin with. I'll still go for the Double Swiss Mushroom or Ramly burger anytime :)


Potato skin looks great.

Oii!!! Oiiii!! You know how they make foie gras? Kesian the ducks.