Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's the Science Centre/MOS Burger's Fault!
One of the highlights of my recent Singapore trip, was to catch a short 40 minutes movie about Vincent Van Gogh @ the Omni-Theatre, Sinagpore Science Centre. We bought a packaged ticket, which allows us to view the Da Vinci exhibition at the Annex, the Science Centre and catch one of the Van Gogh screenings. We intended to catch the 5pm screening of Van Gogh, but before that, we would pay a visit to the other 2 locations.

One of our colleagues wanted to spend more time at the Da Vinci exhibit, so we left him there while we made our way to the Science Centre. But before that, we reminded him that the Van Gogh movie is at 5pm. So off we went to discover the Science Centre.

At 4.45pm, we made our way to the Omni-Theatre and I SMSed my colleague, informing him we're on our way to the theatre, and for him to meet us there. I SMSed his Malaysian number, because he had 2 phones with him; One Malaysian number, the other a Singapore number.

As we sat in the theatre, we anticipated our colleague would walk in. He didn't. The movie started and ended, and when the lights came back on, we still didn't see him. "Did he really miss it?" we all thought...

We walked out to the lobby area of the theatre (it was pass 6pm already when we walked out), and tried to call his Malaysian number, but to no avail. So we figured, ok, let's just walk back out to the garden, where the McDonalds is, and see if he's there. True enough, my colleague was sitting on the bench near McDonalds, munching on McNuggets. This is the conversation that (roughly) transpired...

IRM: NOM NOM NOM... this is my lunch *munching on nuggets*

UNK: Eh eh, so you didn't catch the movie at all? You missed it?!

Oli & SQ: Ya man, where were you?

SQ and I saw the Science Centre stamp on the hand, so we thought he did catch the movie with us, but was seated elsewhere.

IRM: NOM NOM NOM... still got time wat... I was at the Science Centre. Wah so many things to see!

Oli & SQ: We were at the Science Centre before the movie too! Did you catch the movie? We tried to call you.

UNK: I asked Oli to SMS you before we went into the theatre. I tried to call you after the movie. Oli tried to call you after the movie...

IRM: NOM NOM NOM... I shut my Malaysian number off, to conserve battery.

Oli, SQ & UNK gave the OMG look...

UNK: Yea but did you catch the van Gogh movie at 5pm just now?!?

IRM: NOM NOM NOM... The movie's at 5pm wat, still got time...

Oli, SQ & UNK looked at each other...

Oli: Dude... it's pass 6pm already...!

IRM: *dazed*... Nolah! It's still early! (takes out his mobile, which is his Singapore number. The mobile phone's time was 2.58pm)

Oli, SQ & UNK looked at each other... dungu-fied.

Oli: Dude... it's PASS 6pm ALREADY...! *points to watch*

UNK:... You mean you completely missed the 5pm movie?!? And how can you still think it's 2.58pm?!?!?! Look around you! The sky has no more clouds, it's getting dark, the shadows on the ground all tell you it's NOT 2pm?!?

It took several minutes for IRM to realise he missed the 5pm movie. And then he let out a very big moan...

IRM: OOOooOOOooOOooOOooOooOooOoooOOoooooOOOOooOOOooo!!!!!!!!

Oli, SQ & UNK burst out laughing ROTFLMAO. And he kept moaning on and on and on, and we kept laughing.

We were already planning to head back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner. IRM decided to stay back to catch the following screening of the Van Gogh movie, which was at 8pm. While we went back to the hotel to have a nice dinner :)

He's been blaming the Science Centre and the MOS burger he had prior to reaching the centre for his off-timing.


Off phone to conserve battery lol...that is a good one.