Thursday, August 20, 2009

Long Time No Call...
While watching a movie in the cinema last night, my phone was ringing several times. It was on silent mode, hence it kept vibrating each time the call came in. I ignored it completely, and only checked it after the movie ended. 4 missed calls in total, all from the same number. I texted my friend, apologising for not picking up his call as I was in the cinema hall, and asked him what was up? He called me back...

Friend: You are a hard woman to get hold off!!!

Oli: I was watching a movie la...!!!

Now, the last time I met up with this friend, was during our wedding reception in 2006. We haven't really kept in contact since. And "normally", when you get a call from someone whom you haven't heard in a long long while, it can only mean one thing...

Oli: So what's up? You getting married ka?

Friend: *giggles*... Ya lah...!

KABOOM! Kena one red bomb :P I congratulated my friend and was happy for him also lah. I then asked when is his big day, and unfortunately his wedding day clashed with our holiday plans next month. So sorry, dude, but we won't be able to attend your big day. Thank you for extending the invitation to us though :) Hubby and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your new wife, a very happy and blessed union~