Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rice Café @ Lorong Bangsar
Working in a place where food is pretty much the top most priority, it's never a surprise when one finds a new eatery and brings along the whole zoo to savour something new and good. After all, sharing is caring, right?

One such place which landed its name into the list was Rice Café, a new entry to the game of F&B. Located in the more quiet area of Bangsar, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Telawi and Bangsar Village, they serve a variety of local delights such as nasi lemak and assam laksa. Pricing is fairly ok, because you can get a pretty decent meal for under RM 10 (excluding beverages). These days, if you can get a decent plate of nasi lemak in a café for under RM 10, it's considered reasonably priced liao. I'm also pretty sure the sultry hostess was one of the main reasons some of my colleagues paid a visit there :P.

Assam laksa.

The assam laksa was highly recommended, and being a Friday and having lazy brains, I decided to try their assam laksa. It came with a very thick broth, a good sign of generous helpings of ingredients used in the dish. Oddly enough, it didn't come with the usual slices of cucumbers you would normally find in assam laksa. The broth was aromatic, although a tad on the sweet side. And I felt it lack the "assam" (sourish) flavour which is the key to any good assam laksa. Overall, the assam laksa was good, just lacks the kick.

Set lunch of the day, and it comes with a free drink too.

One of my colleagues tried their set lunches, which came with rice, marmite chicken and mixed vegetables. He said that the marmite chicken was good and flavourful, and would've been better if the marmite chicken came with some gravy (to go with the rice). I can't remember how much the set lunches are, but I'm pretty sure it's reasonably priced.

Deep fried chicken ala Indonesian style.

My other colleague had a side order of fried chicken, Indonesian style. I think the shredded bits are lemongrass. Very nicely done piece of chicken, I might add. I didn't get the chance to try it as my bowl of assam laksa had pretty much filled my tummy. But looking at the satisfied look of my colleague's face was enough to convince me that the piece of chicken was goooood~~~

The very friendly hostess also asked if we would like to try their desserts (tong sui), so we graciously obliged and ordered the "foo-chuk yee mai" (barley + foo-chuk). The dessert was oklah, nothing great about it. It's something hubby and I make at home from time to time, so it's not something special. The good thing about it was that it's not too sweet.

I think we'll be visiting this quaint café again very soon. Reasonable prices, pretty good food, and a sexy sight thrown in as well ;)