Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are You Addicted To Bacon?

You are 58% addicted to bacon!

Are you addicted to bacon?

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Devastator
If you're familiar with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, then you'll recognise 'The Devastator'. It's a fucking big-ass mother-of-all-contraption that sucks. It will inhale and suck everything in its path. (cuts to sound effects: HHHHHOOOOORRRRRRR)

Photo from here.

Lately, some friends of mine and I have been referring to someone as 'The Devastator'. This person doesn't suck sand though, sand is not that tasty. 'The Devastator' is actually a codename for this person. 'The Devastator' that we are acquainted to, eats like there's no tomorrow.

'The Devastator' enjoys food a lot and is not shy to hide it from everyone. 'The Devastator' enjoys food so much, even your food is not spared. You know how vultures will roam around, just waiting for the right time to zoom and in and grab a bite? Well, 'The Devastator' goes right in, there is no waiting time.

Because food is of such importance to 'The Devastator', table manners has little or no place. In 'The Devastator' world, one should not waste time with little things like etiquette. It's every Devastator for themselves. Survival of the fittest (or fastest).

Traits of 'The Devastator' are:
- Their attention diverts the moment the word "food" is mentioned.
- They will take the food off your plate without asking.
- They assume you don't want to eat that box of cookies when you don't open it.
- They come back to get more cookies, on the pretext that their "children" loves them.
- They can take your food, but you can't take theirs.
- They will put their hands into that plate of fries before it reaches the table.
- They will ta-pau (take-away) leftovers from hotel buffets.
- They will ask their guests to bring alcohol to a baby party, on the pretext to "help clear your stock".
- They will ask you to buy food items back for them, should they find out you've gone on some vacation to some place.
- They will gladly polish off the leftovers on your plate.
- They will clamour for that last piece of chicken, while having one piece on their plate and holding on to another piece.
- If you offer them food the first time, you will have to offer them the next time.

Be wary of 'The Devastator'.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Genji Japanese Buffet @ Hilton, PJ
*Updated 12/5/2010 : Genji has increased their buffet pricing. Click here to view the new pricing.

Hubby and I, together with some good friends, decides to have another pig-out session. This time, the venue was Genji Japanese restaurant @ Hilton, PJ. We've heard that the Japanese buffet here at Genji was pretty commendable, so we made reservations and prepared our stomachs for it.

Genji's Japanese buffet is only available on weekends:

6.00pm – 10.30pm
RM79++ per adult (Early Bird Saver from 6pm to 7.45pm)
RM89++ per adult
RM49++ for children aged 6-12
RM20++ for children aged 3-5
11.30am – 3.30pm
RM79++ for adults
RM42++ for children aged 6-12
RM20++ for children aged 3-5

We decided to go for the 1st session (Early Bird Saver) because a friend of ours had another engagement to go to at 9pm. 1hr 45mins is definitely more than enough time to enjoy a buffet, hehe!

The dessert aisle near our table.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by a very warm and cosy wooden deco. The waiter took us to our tables, and with just 2 minutes before 6pm, he said we can go ahead and start our meal LOL.

The sashimi & oyster aisle near the entrance.

When it comes to any Japanese meal, one should always go for the sashimi first! There was a selection of tuna, white tuna, salmon and tako. If you're a big fan of oysters, you'll be thrilled to know the oysters here are fresh and juicy. The white tuna sashimi was fresh and really sweet! Next to the sashimi aisle is their sushi aisle. My friend was kinda disappointed with their sushi aisle, as the quality wasn't up to par.

Fresh oysters from Genji.

At least they got their oysters right, served with lemon slices. Jogoya serves them with lime. Who the fuck serves oysters with lime anyway?

The tempura & unagi aisle. Teppanyaki & sukiyaki are available here too.

Tempura was probably one of the most popular dish here, because I keep seeing patrons grabbing heaps of them nonstop. The moment the chef has them all fried up, people would be piling their plates wif the tempura. Quite frankly, some people took so much, you really think of them as really kiasu people. I didn't have a single tempura during this pig-out session because it kept running out, and the chef probably couldn't replenish it fast enough too.

There's also unagi and softshell crab from this aisle. The unagi was DA-BOMB.

Sashimi galore!

I probably ODed (overdosed) on sashimi this round, haha! I went for 2 rounds of sashimi, each time taking tuna, white tuna and salmon. I had a total of 24 pieces, definitely served my craving for sashimi that day :P

Cute mochi dessert.

There were quite a few varieties of dessert to choose from. My friend had this mochi balls with some sort of custard I think.

Marshmallows coated with chocolate is DA-BOMB.

I only liked the marshmallows, they were awesome! The whipped cream with cocoa powder was so-so, but I totally didn't like the egg custard whatever it was called. I had to wait for them to replenish the marshmallows because children kept taking them! Little @%#$ brats! There's also ice-cream available, and for the price that you're paying, I would expect Genji to at least provide better ice-cream brands, like Baskin Robbins or Häagen-Dazs. But Nestlé?!?

The waiter came with the bill just as our session was up. A quick check at the bill revealed that green tea is RM 5/pax. They also included this charity fund by default, RM 1/pax. If you do not wish to participate in this charity fund, you have to inform them so that they will not include it in your bill. There's a little note on each table regarding this charity fund, which will run for a couple of months. So, the price of the buffet only covers your food.

Overall, it was a good experience. You can't really compare Genji with Jogoya, because the food selection at Genji is strictly Japanese. Where else Jogoya is a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Western and local flavours. I haven't been to Jogoya in a while, but was told their standards are not as good as before, but I won't comment on that lah.

If you want to be updated with the latest happenings at Genji, follow Hilton PJ's restaurant blog here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pathetic Employers - Part 2
Ms.X is currently waiting in the lawyers' office, as I'm typing this blog post out. Still waiting for her money, but she might only be getting half of what is owned to her. That is, if they even pay her today before she catches her night flight out of the hell hole.

I think it's really sickening that some employers can be so evil. Terminated the employment of your staff, all because they're not 'local' (from that state). Of course that is just one of the many reasons, their high salaries were also one of the reasons they got terminated, because management was only willing to pay peanuts, to get people to do shitload of work.

And not only were their employment terminated. As an employer, you broke your contract on a very serious level too. You didn't pay their salaries on time. You didn't contribute to their EPF even though deductions were made. And you just used whatever excuse you could find to fire them, expect them to just swallow it and walk away quietly. How pathetic. I hope you guys get what you deserve. Because you sure as hell don't deserve anything good.

Read about Part 1 here.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kitteh Nom Nom

I wan kitteh! :P

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pathetic Employers
Someone close to me has had to go through a really tough situation recently, and I just want to flame her employers for causing all the ruckus and mistreating their employees.

Ms.X accepted a pretty lucrative job offer from another state, and relocated to the new work place a few months back. At first all was well (sort of). After a while, salary was being delayed. EPF contributions were also delayed. Claims were delayed. In short, employees were not getting their moolahs.

Obviously employees started to make noise. Morale among employees drop. Being in the service industry, that's not a good sign. The Finance Dept was delaying their salaries, and finding lame excuses to delay them. People started banging tables. And so, all the non-execs got their salaries, leaving the execs and management level staff still waiting, including Ms.X.

The big bang came when Ms.X was informed that her employment was terminated, just like that. The reason? Higher management (the owners) claimed that it was Ms.X's fault that the workplace got a 4-star rating, instead of the 5-star rating. Higher management even threatened the rest of the team with show-cause letters. As it turned out, higher management has never favoured Ms.X and the team, and was finding any excuses to get them off the payroll. Ms.X was the first casualty. The General Manager was next.

Ms.X was furious of course. After all, she still hasn't gotten her previous months' salary and claims (and also the reimbursement of her flight ticket when she accepted the job offer, which was promised to her when she accepted the offer). A report was lodged at the Labour Dept regarding the unethical termination.

Ms.X has been frantically chasing the higher management for her money. Higher management has been giving them crap, constantly coming up with alibis to delay paying them. They even shouted at Ms.X over the phone, trying their very best to cover up their shit even though everyone could see through their sly motives. They even threatened to sue Ms.X, saying she was the cause of the 4-star rating. Ms.X was cool about it, even welcomed them to sue her because they actually didn't have a case against her. Moreover, a report was already lodged with the Labour Dept, and it has been confirmed they have no case against her.

Higher management even wanted Ms.X to sign some "document", on the pretext that should they pay her her salaries (for August & part of September 2009), that she promise not to report them to the Labour Dept. But instead of explaining to Ms.X nicely, higher management merely shouted over the phone. Talk about people who are full of shit.

I hope that Ms.X would get her money soon, so she can leave and say goodbye to all that was bad to her. I hope the fucking assholes get what they deserve for treating their staff like shit. And if you wish to flame them fucking employers as much as I did here, please go ahead. Also, make a mental to avoid staying there at all times, as the people that own it are wretched and have evil hearts. They deserve nothing good.

Should you want to do some flaming, here are some helpful links:
1) Their website
2) Their Facebook page

I should probably get the owner's number and publish it too. Then the whole world can have fun and flame them nicely for mistreating Ms.X and the rest of their employees.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ferrero Rondnoir

Sinfully Rondnoir~

Move over, Ferrero Rocher. The spotlight's on Ferrero Rondnoir now :P This lovely chocolate from the Ferrero family hasn't hit our shores yet, but you can get them from just across the Causeway, haha! My colleague who went to Singapore recently helped me get a box of this delightful sin, yum yum~

What's different about this Rondnoir compared to the original Rocher, you ask? Here's the answer to that question...
Ferrero Rondnoir® dark chocolates, are a unique combination of a dark chocolate cream surrounding a "black pearl" of fine dark chocolate, within a delicate, crisp wafer, topped with crunchy dark chocolate morsels.
Doesn't need a better explanation than THAT! Everything DARK CHOCOLATE IS GOOD. Who can resist such superb creation?!? :D *jumps up & down gleefully*

After the exchange rate, I paid about RM 37 for a box of 24. I checked the price for the Ferrero Rocher, a box of 24 here cost RM 35+, very minimal price difference. Rondnoir is so much nicer~~~~! :P Think I'll get another box, ahaks!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Enter The Fly

Monday, September 7, 2009

Of Aunties & Miracles Supplements
Somehow, aunties and miracle supplements always go together. I wonder why? It's always the same story: Aunty signs up for a programme and is introduced to some miracle supplement. She goes on to try it, feels that it pumps her up, and she starts to introduce it to her family and friends. Typical direct selling approach la, I might add. It's a very common approach. Nothing wrong with sharing a good thing.

What annoys me more are the chances of misleading information being dissipated. You see, most people, when they get involved in such direct selling, probably doesn't know enough of the product they're trying to sell (but most would act like they know everything). Then they start telling you, oh you eat this and this, very good for your body wan. You know hor, my friend/aunty/uncle/cousin/godfather/godmother/yee-ma-gu-zhe also eat this, wah their body now very strong ah, fever sore throat come oso not sked ah!

And then one aunty or uncle passes the information to another. You get the picture lah.

Promises of a super duper geng-chau health supplement that works like a charm. All you need is to eat the supplement, your immune system will "feel" stronger. Got a fever? No need to sked! Got sore throat? No need to sked oso! Just pop those health supplements, guarantee your fever and sore throat sure gone! Can kill 2 tigers summore! Huzzah! Ok, I made that last line up.

It's freaky how some people just spreads information so easily. In fact, it can be disastrous. Maybe I should send them to go see Dr. Liew :P

To me, healthy living is not just about popping healthy supplements. It's actually finding the right balance. Practising a healthy diet, complementing it with an exercise routine are all part and parcel of achieving a healthy lifestyle. You don't just depend solely on health supplements lah.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Soba has got to be one of the world's easiest dish to prepare. All you need to buy are the noodles and the sauce to dip the soba in. Hubby and I have been contemplating to cook soba at home for quite a while, but the chance never really came along as he was traveling a lot a couple of months back. Now that the project is over, we can explore a little :P

We did some research and cooking soba is just so easy. Buy the noodles and a bottle of the tsuyu (soup base)! We were walking pass Shojikiya in 1Utama, when we spotted them having a promotion on their tsuyu range. "Oh heck!" we thought. "Let's get a bottle and cook soba at home!"

Just our luck too, as one of their staff was preparing to cook some soba for shoppers to try! :D So we chatted with her and asked her about cooking soba. She told us that soba would take about 5-7 minutes to cook, but if we're not sure, always take a small bite. Soba should be cooked al' dente, she said, as cooking it too long would make it too soft. As for the tsuyu, she told us there are 2 types available in Shojikiya: the concentrated type and the ready-mix. She mentioned that some people may not like the ready-mix type, as it is a little too watery. Hence we got ourselves the concentrated type.

Concentrated tsuyu.
The ratio for tsuyu and water is simple: 1:2 (one portion tsuyu to 2 portions of water). Very simple, right? And if you like it to have a stronger flavour, just add more tsuyu (but that would mean a pretty salty soup base, ehehehehe!).

Soba (buckwheat).

Some soba packs have been nicely pre-packed for you in individual servings. Some packs are 90 grams per serving, while some are 100 grams per helping. You can easily buy soba from supermarkets and hypermarkets. For our first attempt, the soba we bought is a mixture of wheat & buckwheat (according to Wikipedia, that's the Ni-hachi soba).

Here's how you prepare the chilled soba:
1) Boil a pot of water.
2) Put the soba into the boiling water and cook for 5 minutes (or until the texture is al' dente).
3) While waiting for the soba to cook, prepare the dipping sauce in a small bowl (1:2 ratio).
4) Dish the soba out and place it into a bowl of ice water for a few seconds. Remove the soba from the ice water and place them onto a plate (or if you have the bamboo tray a.k.a zaru, that would be a bonus to let the excess water drain off).
5) Serve the dipping sauce with dried seaweed, grated radish and spring onions (a quail egg is optional).

Ta-da! Our soba is ready to be consumed! The texture of the soba was just nice, OM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Not only was the soba and dipping sauce tasty, it was also a refreshing change from our usual meal (not to mention healthy too). The next round, we're gonna get some cha soba (green tea soba) and give that a go!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My sis was sharing with me this morning, that she hasn't received last month's salary yet. And if they're lucky, they'll get it next week.


You know, some of these fucking employers needs to be run down by a 4WD for treating their staff like crap. Your staff are not your kulis. They work hard for you, and yet you can't even give them their paychecks! People need money to survive ok! People need money to fucking pay their bills each month. People need money to put food on the table and send their kids to school. And you're being a fucking employer who doesn't give a shit about your people!

Such employers needs to be dragged to court and get their sorry asses whipped until the skin tears and bleeds.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Euro Deli @ Damansara Kim

The unmistakable non-halal graphic which says "Euro Deli".

Euro Deli needs no mention, just about everyone who loves pork knows this place LOL! Located in Damansara Kim, it can be a little tricky who those who are not familiar with this area. If you're in KL, Euro Deli also has an outlet @ Jln Yap Kwan Seng (the Euro Deli Grill).

The Euro Deli shop here in Damansara Kim used to occupy one shop lot on the ground floor. Besides being a neighbourhood restaurant, it also doubles up as a shop where you can buy sausages, ham and all things pork. Back then, the deco was minimal, very homely and cosy. And because it occupied only one shop lot, space was limited too. How things have changed...

The new Euro Deli. See their new bar?

Euro Deli PJ has sinced underwent a makeover! They've undertaken a renovation process in the recent months and have revealed a brand new image! It's still the same Euro Deli, but with a completely new image and deco.

Another view of their bar. That's hubby's Hoegaarden pint in the front.

Euro Deli PJ is looking pretty nice now :D It was a Saturday evening and the restaurant was PACKED. because there were no tables available for the 4 of us, we had to sit at the bar, which we had no issues as it was kinda fun to sit at the bar (plus there was a lengchai sitting at the bar too. Me thinks he's the manager there cos he was instructing some of the staff there to do things hehehehehe! Jane Hwan, you should go there! ROTFL). We placed our orders and patiently waited for our food to be ready. In the mean time, my dad said he wanted to try some gwailo beer, so we ordered 2 pints of Hoegaarden draft, one for my dad and the other for hubby.

Hoegaarden draft satu! *gulp gulp gulp*

Since the restaurant was packed, it's only natural for the noise level to be several times above the usual decibels ehehehehe! My dad being a keypoh (nosy) person he is when it comes to food, went walking around checking out what other tables had ordered, tsk! One table behind us had pre-ordered the roast suckling pig (which costs RM 250++). Now this is not your usual Chinese style suckling pig ok, this is gwailo style :P Unlike Chinese style suckling pig where you have to pre-order a few days in advance, Euro Deli requires you pre-order 45 mins in advance.

Sausage platter, you can select your choice of sausage from the menu.

Finally our food came! What better way to eat at Euro Deli than to have their sausages! I can't remember the exact names of the sausages we picked, but I can recall at least 2 of them: Farmer Bratwurst & Emmenthaler (even then I had to Google those names up LOL). OM NOM NOM NOM NOM~~~

We also ordered their pork knuckle, but the picture I took turned out too dark so I won't post it up. We were a little disappointed with their pork knuckle though, it wasn't as we remembered it to be. It used to be tender and flavour, and you didn't even need a knife the tear the meat apart. Now the meat is kinda tough! Mmmm, a little disappointed with their quality of pork knuckle that day.

We left Euro Deli with happy tummies (except for the pork knuckle bit). My mum also bought some more ham and bacon, to cook for my dad on another day. My parents also told me about this new pork place in SS 2, along the Maybank row. Hubby and I will go try that out one day :D