Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Euro Deli @ Damansara Kim

The unmistakable non-halal graphic which says "Euro Deli".

Euro Deli needs no mention, just about everyone who loves pork knows this place LOL! Located in Damansara Kim, it can be a little tricky who those who are not familiar with this area. If you're in KL, Euro Deli also has an outlet @ Jln Yap Kwan Seng (the Euro Deli Grill).

The Euro Deli shop here in Damansara Kim used to occupy one shop lot on the ground floor. Besides being a neighbourhood restaurant, it also doubles up as a shop where you can buy sausages, ham and all things pork. Back then, the deco was minimal, very homely and cosy. And because it occupied only one shop lot, space was limited too. How things have changed...

The new Euro Deli. See their new bar?

Euro Deli PJ has sinced underwent a makeover! They've undertaken a renovation process in the recent months and have revealed a brand new image! It's still the same Euro Deli, but with a completely new image and deco.

Another view of their bar. That's hubby's Hoegaarden pint in the front.

Euro Deli PJ is looking pretty nice now :D It was a Saturday evening and the restaurant was PACKED. because there were no tables available for the 4 of us, we had to sit at the bar, which we had no issues as it was kinda fun to sit at the bar (plus there was a lengchai sitting at the bar too. Me thinks he's the manager there cos he was instructing some of the staff there to do things hehehehehe! Jane Hwan, you should go there! ROTFL). We placed our orders and patiently waited for our food to be ready. In the mean time, my dad said he wanted to try some gwailo beer, so we ordered 2 pints of Hoegaarden draft, one for my dad and the other for hubby.

Hoegaarden draft satu! *gulp gulp gulp*

Since the restaurant was packed, it's only natural for the noise level to be several times above the usual decibels ehehehehe! My dad being a keypoh (nosy) person he is when it comes to food, went walking around checking out what other tables had ordered, tsk! One table behind us had pre-ordered the roast suckling pig (which costs RM 250++). Now this is not your usual Chinese style suckling pig ok, this is gwailo style :P Unlike Chinese style suckling pig where you have to pre-order a few days in advance, Euro Deli requires you pre-order 45 mins in advance.

Sausage platter, you can select your choice of sausage from the menu.

Finally our food came! What better way to eat at Euro Deli than to have their sausages! I can't remember the exact names of the sausages we picked, but I can recall at least 2 of them: Farmer Bratwurst & Emmenthaler (even then I had to Google those names up LOL). OM NOM NOM NOM NOM~~~

We also ordered their pork knuckle, but the picture I took turned out too dark so I won't post it up. We were a little disappointed with their pork knuckle though, it wasn't as we remembered it to be. It used to be tender and flavour, and you didn't even need a knife the tear the meat apart. Now the meat is kinda tough! Mmmm, a little disappointed with their quality of pork knuckle that day.

We left Euro Deli with happy tummies (except for the pork knuckle bit). My mum also bought some more ham and bacon, to cook for my dad on another day. My parents also told me about this new pork place in SS 2, along the Maybank row. Hubby and I will go try that out one day :D


Damn...drooling already..