Sunday, September 20, 2009

Genji Japanese Buffet @ Hilton, PJ
*Updated 12/5/2010 : Genji has increased their buffet pricing. Click here to view the new pricing.

Hubby and I, together with some good friends, decides to have another pig-out session. This time, the venue was Genji Japanese restaurant @ Hilton, PJ. We've heard that the Japanese buffet here at Genji was pretty commendable, so we made reservations and prepared our stomachs for it.

Genji's Japanese buffet is only available on weekends:

6.00pm – 10.30pm
RM79++ per adult (Early Bird Saver from 6pm to 7.45pm)
RM89++ per adult
RM49++ for children aged 6-12
RM20++ for children aged 3-5
11.30am – 3.30pm
RM79++ for adults
RM42++ for children aged 6-12
RM20++ for children aged 3-5

We decided to go for the 1st session (Early Bird Saver) because a friend of ours had another engagement to go to at 9pm. 1hr 45mins is definitely more than enough time to enjoy a buffet, hehe!

The dessert aisle near our table.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by a very warm and cosy wooden deco. The waiter took us to our tables, and with just 2 minutes before 6pm, he said we can go ahead and start our meal LOL.

The sashimi & oyster aisle near the entrance.

When it comes to any Japanese meal, one should always go for the sashimi first! There was a selection of tuna, white tuna, salmon and tako. If you're a big fan of oysters, you'll be thrilled to know the oysters here are fresh and juicy. The white tuna sashimi was fresh and really sweet! Next to the sashimi aisle is their sushi aisle. My friend was kinda disappointed with their sushi aisle, as the quality wasn't up to par.

Fresh oysters from Genji.

At least they got their oysters right, served with lemon slices. Jogoya serves them with lime. Who the fuck serves oysters with lime anyway?

The tempura & unagi aisle. Teppanyaki & sukiyaki are available here too.

Tempura was probably one of the most popular dish here, because I keep seeing patrons grabbing heaps of them nonstop. The moment the chef has them all fried up, people would be piling their plates wif the tempura. Quite frankly, some people took so much, you really think of them as really kiasu people. I didn't have a single tempura during this pig-out session because it kept running out, and the chef probably couldn't replenish it fast enough too.

There's also unagi and softshell crab from this aisle. The unagi was DA-BOMB.

Sashimi galore!

I probably ODed (overdosed) on sashimi this round, haha! I went for 2 rounds of sashimi, each time taking tuna, white tuna and salmon. I had a total of 24 pieces, definitely served my craving for sashimi that day :P

Cute mochi dessert.

There were quite a few varieties of dessert to choose from. My friend had this mochi balls with some sort of custard I think.

Marshmallows coated with chocolate is DA-BOMB.

I only liked the marshmallows, they were awesome! The whipped cream with cocoa powder was so-so, but I totally didn't like the egg custard whatever it was called. I had to wait for them to replenish the marshmallows because children kept taking them! Little @%#$ brats! There's also ice-cream available, and for the price that you're paying, I would expect Genji to at least provide better ice-cream brands, like Baskin Robbins or Häagen-Dazs. But Nestlé?!?

The waiter came with the bill just as our session was up. A quick check at the bill revealed that green tea is RM 5/pax. They also included this charity fund by default, RM 1/pax. If you do not wish to participate in this charity fund, you have to inform them so that they will not include it in your bill. There's a little note on each table regarding this charity fund, which will run for a couple of months. So, the price of the buffet only covers your food.

Overall, it was a good experience. You can't really compare Genji with Jogoya, because the food selection at Genji is strictly Japanese. Where else Jogoya is a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Western and local flavours. I haven't been to Jogoya in a while, but was told their standards are not as good as before, but I won't comment on that lah.

If you want to be updated with the latest happenings at Genji, follow Hilton PJ's restaurant blog here.


woohoo~ i see lotzz of sashimi! if i wanna go, i might wanna look for a japanese buffet that serves LESS sashimi.. =P

@quin haha! I ODed on sashimi for sure :P it's buffet so you take what you want lor.