Monday, September 7, 2009

Of Aunties & Miracles Supplements
Somehow, aunties and miracle supplements always go together. I wonder why? It's always the same story: Aunty signs up for a programme and is introduced to some miracle supplement. She goes on to try it, feels that it pumps her up, and she starts to introduce it to her family and friends. Typical direct selling approach la, I might add. It's a very common approach. Nothing wrong with sharing a good thing.

What annoys me more are the chances of misleading information being dissipated. You see, most people, when they get involved in such direct selling, probably doesn't know enough of the product they're trying to sell (but most would act like they know everything). Then they start telling you, oh you eat this and this, very good for your body wan. You know hor, my friend/aunty/uncle/cousin/godfather/godmother/yee-ma-gu-zhe also eat this, wah their body now very strong ah, fever sore throat come oso not sked ah!

And then one aunty or uncle passes the information to another. You get the picture lah.

Promises of a super duper geng-chau health supplement that works like a charm. All you need is to eat the supplement, your immune system will "feel" stronger. Got a fever? No need to sked! Got sore throat? No need to sked oso! Just pop those health supplements, guarantee your fever and sore throat sure gone! Can kill 2 tigers summore! Huzzah! Ok, I made that last line up.

It's freaky how some people just spreads information so easily. In fact, it can be disastrous. Maybe I should send them to go see Dr. Liew :P

To me, healthy living is not just about popping healthy supplements. It's actually finding the right balance. Practising a healthy diet, complementing it with an exercise routine are all part and parcel of achieving a healthy lifestyle. You don't just depend solely on health supplements lah.


Zhap ju! Zhap ju! You think I Dewan Bandaraya ka?

The last direct seller that tried to sell something to me drowned herself in the toilet bowl liao.

doc, i suggest send to u for some "professional advice" only ma :P u