Friday, September 18, 2009

Pathetic Employers - Part 2
Ms.X is currently waiting in the lawyers' office, as I'm typing this blog post out. Still waiting for her money, but she might only be getting half of what is owned to her. That is, if they even pay her today before she catches her night flight out of the hell hole.

I think it's really sickening that some employers can be so evil. Terminated the employment of your staff, all because they're not 'local' (from that state). Of course that is just one of the many reasons, their high salaries were also one of the reasons they got terminated, because management was only willing to pay peanuts, to get people to do shitload of work.

And not only were their employment terminated. As an employer, you broke your contract on a very serious level too. You didn't pay their salaries on time. You didn't contribute to their EPF even though deductions were made. And you just used whatever excuse you could find to fire them, expect them to just swallow it and walk away quietly. How pathetic. I hope you guys get what you deserve. Because you sure as hell don't deserve anything good.

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