Monday, September 14, 2009

Pathetic Employers
Someone close to me has had to go through a really tough situation recently, and I just want to flame her employers for causing all the ruckus and mistreating their employees.

Ms.X accepted a pretty lucrative job offer from another state, and relocated to the new work place a few months back. At first all was well (sort of). After a while, salary was being delayed. EPF contributions were also delayed. Claims were delayed. In short, employees were not getting their moolahs.

Obviously employees started to make noise. Morale among employees drop. Being in the service industry, that's not a good sign. The Finance Dept was delaying their salaries, and finding lame excuses to delay them. People started banging tables. And so, all the non-execs got their salaries, leaving the execs and management level staff still waiting, including Ms.X.

The big bang came when Ms.X was informed that her employment was terminated, just like that. The reason? Higher management (the owners) claimed that it was Ms.X's fault that the workplace got a 4-star rating, instead of the 5-star rating. Higher management even threatened the rest of the team with show-cause letters. As it turned out, higher management has never favoured Ms.X and the team, and was finding any excuses to get them off the payroll. Ms.X was the first casualty. The General Manager was next.

Ms.X was furious of course. After all, she still hasn't gotten her previous months' salary and claims (and also the reimbursement of her flight ticket when she accepted the job offer, which was promised to her when she accepted the offer). A report was lodged at the Labour Dept regarding the unethical termination.

Ms.X has been frantically chasing the higher management for her money. Higher management has been giving them crap, constantly coming up with alibis to delay paying them. They even shouted at Ms.X over the phone, trying their very best to cover up their shit even though everyone could see through their sly motives. They even threatened to sue Ms.X, saying she was the cause of the 4-star rating. Ms.X was cool about it, even welcomed them to sue her because they actually didn't have a case against her. Moreover, a report was already lodged with the Labour Dept, and it has been confirmed they have no case against her.

Higher management even wanted Ms.X to sign some "document", on the pretext that should they pay her her salaries (for August & part of September 2009), that she promise not to report them to the Labour Dept. But instead of explaining to Ms.X nicely, higher management merely shouted over the phone. Talk about people who are full of shit.

I hope that Ms.X would get her money soon, so she can leave and say goodbye to all that was bad to her. I hope the fucking assholes get what they deserve for treating their staff like shit. And if you wish to flame them fucking employers as much as I did here, please go ahead. Also, make a mental to avoid staying there at all times, as the people that own it are wretched and have evil hearts. They deserve nothing good.

Should you want to do some flaming, here are some helpful links:
1) Their website
2) Their Facebook page

I should probably get the owner's number and publish it too. Then the whole world can have fun and flame them nicely for mistreating Ms.X and the rest of their employees.


Har??? Lidat want 5-star? The management dunno how to spell 'shame' izzit?


Did she sign her appointment letter? If she did, dont bother with her employer. Just go to labor office and she will WIN. and probably walk out with more money.