Thursday, October 29, 2009

Of Credit Cards & Even More Taxes
Recently during the announcement of the Budget 2010, the gomen announced that for every credit card the rakyat owns, they now have to pay the gomen tax for it.

Yes. Tax. For each of the credit card you own.

Their reasoning was to promote more prudent spending among the rakyat, which in return will result in less bad debts. So, in order to protect the rakyat from going bankrupt because of credit card debts, better the rakyat give some of it to the gomen too, hor? After all, the rakyat is already paying income tax every year, paying to use the highway everyday, paying excise duties for the cars they buy, paying gomen tax for the food they eat etc. What's a little more tax, right?

So for each principle card you own, your tax is RM 50. For each supplementary card you own, your tax is RM 25.

I'll bet you, lotsa people are gonna start canceling their credit cards, especially those that hold multiple cards. Imagine someone holding 8 principle credit cards. He/she will have to pay RM 450 annually to the gomen.

Hubby and I own cards from 2 banks. We normally use just one bank, the other acts as a back-up. With this recent announcement, we're looking to cancel one of the cards liao. We're so not gonna fucking pay the gomen extra tax. Cis bedebah!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alexis @ The Gardens, MidValley (sucketh)
The boss took the whole department for lunch recently, and the location was Alexis @ The Gardens, MidValley. Here's a snippet of some of the food we ordered and what we experienced...

From left (clockwise): Alexis menu, Interior, Chicken-sumthing, tiramisu with cognac, nasi lemak, fish & chips, baked seafood pasta & wagyu beef cheeks.

I won't go back to Alexis, at least not The Gardens outlet. Here's why:

1) Upon entering the premise, my colleague and I informed the waiter standing outside that we had reservations under the company name. He casually waved his hand to the wall, just to indicate our table was somewhere there.

2) The waiter that was serving our table had a face as though he hasn't been getting any bedroom action in months.

3) That same waiter acted really lansi (snobbish) to my colleague when my colleague pointed that he got his order wrong... "You ordered ice coffee, I gave you ice coffee..." WTF!

4) A colleague who arrived late was patiently waiting for her food, just to see it go to another colleague who had already eaten. The waiter with the stone face was not smart enough to see all the empty plates and bowls on the table in front of us.

5) My boss spotted some weird fabric in his glass just as he gulped down his coffee. He informed the waiter with a stone face, to which he apologized and offered to replace the drink, but my boss decided that he had enough.

6) Food was ok only lah. I thought my wagyu was a tad too salty. And the attitude of the waiters were as though they fucking own that shit hole and everyone patronizing the restaurant owed them the freaking universe.

7) Alexis @ The Gardens, your waiters sucketh.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Men & Women
I like your blouse/skirt, very nice la *touches fabric*

You will never find them touching another guy's shirt/trousers/jeans and giving compliments at the same time. Probably if the guy stretches his hand to touch another guy's shirt/pants, that guy will freak out and say "WTF?! Stay away you homo!"

I'm going to the ladies...
Oh, I'll come with you...
Me too...

You will never find them going to the gents together-gether. Unless their plan is to sabo each other in the loo.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dim Sum Brunch @ Noble House, KL
Once again, the bunch of us made our way downtown, this time to Nobel House to check out their dim sum buffet. A friend of ours had made reservations over a month ago for this, which I had completely forgotten (haha!) until she brought it up a week before the reservation date.

So 8 of us made our way on a bright Sunday, and prepared to gorge ourselves with some delicious dim sum~ @ RM 39 ++ per pax (I really must stop eating like this! :P)

Interior of Noble House.

Noble House serves Chinese gourmet creations and delicacies with a modern touch. being located in a midst of some huge bungalows downtown, parking is a kinda limited. The interior of the restaurant is pretty open-air, with contemporary furnitures and deco. In the centre of the ground floor is a small water feature (typical Chinese feng shui, hehe!).

One of the functions rooms.

The array of steamed dim sums available.

We were ushered upstairs to one of the main function halls for the dim sum buffet. There was quite a wide range of dim sums for you to choose from. From the steamed dim sums to the fried varieties, you'll be spoilt for choices! There was also Peking duck! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!

Fried dim sums. There were more to come!

Claypot stews and soups.

There were also mini claypot dishes available. You can choose from chicken in Chinese wine to porridge. Just pick your choice from the dishes on display in front, and the chefs will prepare them on the spot for you. The chicken in Chinese wine ("wong zhau gai") was really really nice :D I shared 3 bowls of that with a girl friend, ahaks!

Even salmon sashimi was available!

Cold dishes such as prawns and salad.

Pig's ears, sedap~

Some fried dim sum variety.

The package my friend had reserved also included one bowl of shark's fin each, but I didn't take any (gave to hubby instead, hehe!)

Roasted pork belly! *crunch*

Some dishes were definitely more popular than others. Waiters were kept busy clearing tables and refilling dishes at the buffet counters. In fact, I think the chefs will periodically change the buffet dishes, and some dishes which were not available earlier, became available!

Don't waste food!

Last but not least, take only what you can consume and do not waste food :D We made sure we ate everything we all took, haha! There were also desserts available, and I absolutely loved the honey dew sago! I had 3 bowsl of that dessert, oh-la-la~ Overall, we had a good NOM NOM time at Nobel House. Hubby and I were still feeling full right up till dinner time, LOL!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Uncle John Kopitiam @ Tropicana City Mall
We frequent Tropicana City Mall a lot during the weekends to do our weekly groceries, and this mall has plenty of food outlets for the discerning palate. We've always passed by Uncle John Kopitiam, located at the lower ground floor of the mall and one day decided to give this place a shot.

The first time we tried the place, we ordered their iced white coffee, curry chicken rice and their mee goreng mamak. The coffee was pretty good, but the food quality wasn't good. We thought maybe we didn't order their specialty, so we decided to go back there again to try their recommended dishes.

Uncle John iced white coffee.
The iced white coffee was pretty good I must say. It wasn't watered down, and for RM 2.80, I think it's a nice cup of white coffee :) I'm not much of a coffee person, but not many modern kopitiams actually serve good white coffee.

Half boiled eggs, made to perfection.

Uncle John makes pretty good half boiled eggs, and it's more consistent compared to Old Town kopitiam. There were times the half boiled eggs from Old Town, came out a bit too boiled to my liking. Good half boiled eggs should still be runny.

Uncle John curry laksa, not very good.

The curry laksa wasn't very well done. I was a bit surprised when the bowl came, because the colour of the broth didn't really resemble the usual curry laksa. Maybe Uncle John's curry laksa version is from another state *shrugs*. The broth was too spicy for my liking, and really lacks the curry flavour. The broth was thick though, but that's about it. All I could taste was the spiciness, haha!

Hubby ordered their nasi lemak, but that was a failure too. Why did it fail:

1) The rice had no santan, it was just normal white rice. Fail.
2) The sambal lacks flavour and was cold. Fail.
3) The little fried chicken that was served with the nasi lemak was cold too. Fail.

A voucher for our next visit.

We were given voucher for a free cup of kopi-o for our next visit, the same voucher which we got the first time we went to Uncle John.Should you want to exchange the voucher for another drink (i.e: white coffee), you just need to top up a little bit for the exchange. We would go back for the coffee and eggs, but not for their main dishes hehe! So far all their mains just don't make cut it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crazy (But Memorable) Stuff
Some of the crazy stuff my sis and I have done in the past are:

Going up to Genting Highlands, getting ourselves a large cup of iced Coke, and then finding the coldest spot in Genting (which happens to be one of the little huts outside the main building, because somehow the wind direction blows towards that side), and just sit there for several hours sipping the extra cold Coke with extra ice cubes in it.

Sohais :P

Crazy, but memorable :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

I was very frustrated with myself yesterday, after my usual yoga class. We were doing some regular poses to help increase our flexibility, and no matter how hard I pushed myself... I just couldn't achieve the result I yearn for. My hips just won't let me. My arms just won't let me. My back just won't let me. My body just wouldn't let me.


I can never fully do a standing forward bend without bending my legs. I can never do a seated forward bend, folding my whole body and hips forward. I can never do a full wheel pose without causing my upper thighs and lower back to cramp up and my arms wanting to just give way. I want so badly push myself to be more flexible. I want so badly to be able to lift myself up to a full wheel.

But my body won't let me :(

I am frustrated with myself. I asked myself, am I not pushing myself hard enough? Am I not trying hard enough?

I answer myself. I am pushing myself very hard. So much so I am willing to endure pain. When I spread and fold forward or push myself up, I can feel my skin about the rip apart. And yet I persevere because I want to push myself further. Try as hard as I may, yet I still cannot achieve what I want to achieve.

Maybe that's why I've been eating a lot lately.

I feel down. I feel frustrated. I feel sad. I feel emo today.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Kuching 25th - 28th Sept 2009
Hubby and I made our way to Kuching recently, and discovered a small little town with hidden treasures. I'll let the photos to the talking :) View more photos here (click on Kuching link).

Sarawak kolo mee, nice :)

Sunset by the Sarawak river.

Foochow food, "kong pia". Delicious!!!

A huge HUGE tree along Padang Merdeka.

Iban woven decorative cloth. It takes a pain-staking 2 to 3 months to complete one piece.

An Iban weaver at work.

The 'Tree of Life' by the Orang Ulu.

Famous Sarawak laksa from Chong Choon Café, Jln Abell.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pathetic Employers - Part 3
Ms.X is now back in another state, chilling out with friends and putting the horrible past behind her. But this post isn't about her. I'm gonna kutuk her past employer here nicely. Why? Because I can!

You see, during the last few days before Ms.X boarded her flight, the fucking employer, through their lawyer, offered to pay them partial payment. In return, they had to sign this letter saying they will not take any action or bombard them with unkind words. In short, I pay you, so you just shut up. Read it right, it's only PARTIAL PAYMENT.

Ms.X had only one thing in mind: to get the money and get out of that sleepy town A.S.A.P. So she signed the letter and moved on.

But I didn't sign that letter, heh!

Damai Puri Resort, Kuching, you're once fucked up employer. The resort is so poorly managed that electricity was cut off from the resort, just because you guys didn't pay the bills. You deduct EPF from your employees but don't contribute. You delay their salaries and come up with lame excuses not to pay them. You scream at them when they demand for their salaries, which is rightfully theirs. You threaten them when they ask for their salaries. And you fired them just to get them off your payroll. Just because you don't like them. Just because they're not local local. You're one of the worst employers I've ever come across. You definitely do not deserve any star rating.

Some people can be so arrogant. Just because they think they have money, they can get away with anything. I hope karma haunts them. And I hope you burn for your evil deeds.

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