Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alexis @ The Gardens, MidValley (sucketh)
The boss took the whole department for lunch recently, and the location was Alexis @ The Gardens, MidValley. Here's a snippet of some of the food we ordered and what we experienced...

From left (clockwise): Alexis menu, Interior, Chicken-sumthing, tiramisu with cognac, nasi lemak, fish & chips, baked seafood pasta & wagyu beef cheeks.

I won't go back to Alexis, at least not The Gardens outlet. Here's why:

1) Upon entering the premise, my colleague and I informed the waiter standing outside that we had reservations under the company name. He casually waved his hand to the wall, just to indicate our table was somewhere there.

2) The waiter that was serving our table had a face as though he hasn't been getting any bedroom action in months.

3) That same waiter acted really lansi (snobbish) to my colleague when my colleague pointed that he got his order wrong... "You ordered ice coffee, I gave you ice coffee..." WTF!

4) A colleague who arrived late was patiently waiting for her food, just to see it go to another colleague who had already eaten. The waiter with the stone face was not smart enough to see all the empty plates and bowls on the table in front of us.

5) My boss spotted some weird fabric in his glass just as he gulped down his coffee. He informed the waiter with a stone face, to which he apologized and offered to replace the drink, but my boss decided that he had enough.

6) Food was ok only lah. I thought my wagyu was a tad too salty. And the attitude of the waiters were as though they fucking own that shit hole and everyone patronizing the restaurant owed them the freaking universe.

7) Alexis @ The Gardens, your waiters sucketh.