Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crazy (But Memorable) Stuff
Some of the crazy stuff my sis and I have done in the past are:

Going up to Genting Highlands, getting ourselves a large cup of iced Coke, and then finding the coldest spot in Genting (which happens to be one of the little huts outside the main building, because somehow the wind direction blows towards that side), and just sit there for several hours sipping the extra cold Coke with extra ice cubes in it.

Sohais :P

Crazy, but memorable :)


Oh yeah now I remember this. Also, when we went on our family trip to China in the blistering cold, I chose to eat ICE-CREAM and stand outside in the chilling weather. Was so coldddd.

@pocketrocket i didn't go to china with you guys, remember? i was stuck in college for examsssssss!!!!!