Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dim Sum Brunch @ Noble House, KL
Once again, the bunch of us made our way downtown, this time to Nobel House to check out their dim sum buffet. A friend of ours had made reservations over a month ago for this, which I had completely forgotten (haha!) until she brought it up a week before the reservation date.

So 8 of us made our way on a bright Sunday, and prepared to gorge ourselves with some delicious dim sum~ @ RM 39 ++ per pax (I really must stop eating like this! :P)

Interior of Noble House.

Noble House serves Chinese gourmet creations and delicacies with a modern touch. being located in a midst of some huge bungalows downtown, parking is a kinda limited. The interior of the restaurant is pretty open-air, with contemporary furnitures and deco. In the centre of the ground floor is a small water feature (typical Chinese feng shui, hehe!).

One of the functions rooms.

The array of steamed dim sums available.

We were ushered upstairs to one of the main function halls for the dim sum buffet. There was quite a wide range of dim sums for you to choose from. From the steamed dim sums to the fried varieties, you'll be spoilt for choices! There was also Peking duck! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!

Fried dim sums. There were more to come!

Claypot stews and soups.

There were also mini claypot dishes available. You can choose from chicken in Chinese wine to porridge. Just pick your choice from the dishes on display in front, and the chefs will prepare them on the spot for you. The chicken in Chinese wine ("wong zhau gai") was really really nice :D I shared 3 bowls of that with a girl friend, ahaks!

Even salmon sashimi was available!

Cold dishes such as prawns and salad.

Pig's ears, sedap~

Some fried dim sum variety.

The package my friend had reserved also included one bowl of shark's fin each, but I didn't take any (gave to hubby instead, hehe!)

Roasted pork belly! *crunch*

Some dishes were definitely more popular than others. Waiters were kept busy clearing tables and refilling dishes at the buffet counters. In fact, I think the chefs will periodically change the buffet dishes, and some dishes which were not available earlier, became available!

Don't waste food!

Last but not least, take only what you can consume and do not waste food :D We made sure we ate everything we all took, haha! There were also desserts available, and I absolutely loved the honey dew sago! I had 3 bowsl of that dessert, oh-la-la~ Overall, we had a good NOM NOM time at Nobel House. Hubby and I were still feeling full right up till dinner time, LOL!


Adui...made me hungry d...

How much per person? Have to make reservation 1 month in advance?

@kevin aiyak forgot to include the price tim. edited my post dy. RM 39++ per pax. dun hv to make reservations 1month in advance la I think. my fren saje book in advance.