Friday, October 2, 2009

Pathetic Employers - Part 3
Ms.X is now back in another state, chilling out with friends and putting the horrible past behind her. But this post isn't about her. I'm gonna kutuk her past employer here nicely. Why? Because I can!

You see, during the last few days before Ms.X boarded her flight, the fucking employer, through their lawyer, offered to pay them partial payment. In return, they had to sign this letter saying they will not take any action or bombard them with unkind words. In short, I pay you, so you just shut up. Read it right, it's only PARTIAL PAYMENT.

Ms.X had only one thing in mind: to get the money and get out of that sleepy town A.S.A.P. So she signed the letter and moved on.

But I didn't sign that letter, heh!

Damai Puri Resort, Kuching, you're once fucked up employer. The resort is so poorly managed that electricity was cut off from the resort, just because you guys didn't pay the bills. You deduct EPF from your employees but don't contribute. You delay their salaries and come up with lame excuses not to pay them. You scream at them when they demand for their salaries, which is rightfully theirs. You threaten them when they ask for their salaries. And you fired them just to get them off your payroll. Just because you don't like them. Just because they're not local local. You're one of the worst employers I've ever come across. You definitely do not deserve any star rating.

Some people can be so arrogant. Just because they think they have money, they can get away with anything. I hope karma haunts them. And I hope you burn for your evil deeds.

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I think you need to edit the last part. If they have $$ I think there won't be any issue in the first place.