Sunday, October 18, 2009

Uncle John Kopitiam @ Tropicana City Mall
We frequent Tropicana City Mall a lot during the weekends to do our weekly groceries, and this mall has plenty of food outlets for the discerning palate. We've always passed by Uncle John Kopitiam, located at the lower ground floor of the mall and one day decided to give this place a shot.

The first time we tried the place, we ordered their iced white coffee, curry chicken rice and their mee goreng mamak. The coffee was pretty good, but the food quality wasn't good. We thought maybe we didn't order their specialty, so we decided to go back there again to try their recommended dishes.

Uncle John iced white coffee.
The iced white coffee was pretty good I must say. It wasn't watered down, and for RM 2.80, I think it's a nice cup of white coffee :) I'm not much of a coffee person, but not many modern kopitiams actually serve good white coffee.

Half boiled eggs, made to perfection.

Uncle John makes pretty good half boiled eggs, and it's more consistent compared to Old Town kopitiam. There were times the half boiled eggs from Old Town, came out a bit too boiled to my liking. Good half boiled eggs should still be runny.

Uncle John curry laksa, not very good.

The curry laksa wasn't very well done. I was a bit surprised when the bowl came, because the colour of the broth didn't really resemble the usual curry laksa. Maybe Uncle John's curry laksa version is from another state *shrugs*. The broth was too spicy for my liking, and really lacks the curry flavour. The broth was thick though, but that's about it. All I could taste was the spiciness, haha!

Hubby ordered their nasi lemak, but that was a failure too. Why did it fail:

1) The rice had no santan, it was just normal white rice. Fail.
2) The sambal lacks flavour and was cold. Fail.
3) The little fried chicken that was served with the nasi lemak was cold too. Fail.

A voucher for our next visit.

We were given voucher for a free cup of kopi-o for our next visit, the same voucher which we got the first time we went to Uncle John.Should you want to exchange the voucher for another drink (i.e: white coffee), you just need to top up a little bit for the exchange. We would go back for the coffee and eggs, but not for their main dishes hehe! So far all their mains just don't make cut it.