Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Updates
1) Just got wind that Kuala Pilah experienced 4 earthquakes today. Wahliao!

2) Been seeing the same old boring news about our colourful politicians. Bodoh.

3) Been busy with work late, working on some major jobs, some of which just irks me to the bone.

4) Catching up on some TV series which hubby downloaded to watch, harhar!

5) Looking forward to the short working weeks in December, w00t!

6) FIL will be in town some time this week for a short visit. Going to spend some time with the old man together with hubby, and bring him to eat some REAL TASTY BKT (unlike the ones served in Sg Petani LOL!)

7) Gonna miss some colleagues of mine :( Great people to be with. All the best to you guys!

8) Playing the GA/Mortal game in office. Some GAs have proven to be really really generous (oi, dun lah set so high standards!)

9) The year-end-sale is here! Time to do some shopping! Actually we did do some shopping recently, heh!

10) Need to break into my new heels, make the leather a little softer.

11) It's been raining so often, my clothes are taking longer to dry.

12) ... bla bla bla...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Surprises On November 17th
Surprise #1 - Sunflowers

I was in the office on a usual Tuesday morning, when my colleague called my name aloud and pointed to the main door of the office. I turned to look and saw a nice aunty holding a bouquet of sunflowers. Turns out, hubby had arranged to have that lovely bouquet sent to my office :P I was very surprised of course. And moved as well, as he's usually not the type to give flowers because he thinks they're not of much value, harhar!

Surprise #2 - Phiten band

It was a Tuesday and I was preparing to go for my usual yoga class (yes, I went for yoga on my birthday LOL!). I was in the kitchen grabbing a quick snack when hubby surprised me with a small wrapped gift. I had to unwrap a few layers of papers to get to the gift. It was a Phiten X50 neck band, one which I had been thinking of getting :P

Surprise #3 - Birthday cake

Later that night, after my shower, I walked out to a dark hallway and hubby was standing in the hall with a cake and candle. As he sung the 'Happy Birthday' song, he accidentally blew out the candle ROTFLMAO!!! I laughed so hard..... :PpPpPpP "Wait wait, don't move! I go light the candle again!!!!" as hubby ran into the kitchen to light the candle again. We had cake for supper yumz!

Indeed a very memorable birthday~ Thank you dear, love you lots! *muacks* (ok, go puke your silly heads off now)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Conversations
Via the mobile phone...

*ring ring*...

Oli: *stares at the unknown number*... "Hello?"

Guy: "Er hello! You ade order pizza ka?!"

Oli:... *blur*..."Takde order la..."

Guy: ... "Takde order ka? Errr.. okok..." *click*

Few minutes later... *ring ring*...

Oli: "Hello?"

APS: "Eh, it's me... Did the pizza guy called you just now?"

Oli: ... "How did you know?!"

APS: "Oh shit! I ordered pizza but forgot my own number. So I gave them your number. Shit now I have to call them back! Ok bye!"... *click*

Oli: .... OMGWTFBBQ!!!

Few minutes later... *ring ring*...

Oli: *stares at the unknown number*... "Hello?"

Guy: "Er hello! You ade order pizza ka?!"

Oli: -___________-"

Tak Tau Malu
I discovered last night that a blogger had plagiarized one of my recent blog posting, the one on Ninja Joe. I also discovered that not only did she copied my blog, she also copied a whole paragraph from another blog here.

Tsk~ Betul-betul tak tau malu...

I promptly left a comment on her blog posting last night, and guess what? This morning when I checked, my comment was not approved. And she also edited her blog posting so that the sentence structure didn't resemble that of my blog post. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Tau malu ye! Padan muka!

Girl, if you want to take content from another post, at least leave a credit somewhere. Did you think you can actually get away with a copy-paste job? Plus, anyone reading your blog can tell that part of the post is not written by you. Why do I say so? Two reasons:

1) I can recognise my own sentence structures.
2) When it comes to sentences written by you, it's full of grammatical errors, which clearly proves that you did a copy-paste job.

Your blog name suits you well, betul-betul bo-bo.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

R.I.P Veronica Ho

The late Veronica Ho.

Joint Managing Director & Dean of Studies, The One Academy. I got wind on Monday, from Facebook, that our Dean passed away on Sunday due to a battle with cancer (I'm still not able to ascertain what cancer just yet). You will be missed, Veronica. I remember hearing you speak to us many years ago. Full of spirit and gungho. It's sad that you had to leave us so soon. Rest in peace.

Namo amithaba~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

According to the Mayan calendar, the world will come to an end on December 21st, 2012 (which happens to be the start of winter solstice as well). And in the movie, it's catastrophic apocalypse on a major scale. The earth will open up and swallow everything whole. The waves will pound the land and flood all the valleys. There's plenty of earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsumanis to follow. Everything gets topsy-turvy and everything you've learnt previously from Geography is no longer valid.

Go watch the movie, and decide for yourself whether or not the world will truly come to end in 2012.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ninja Joe @ Tropicana City Mall, PJ
Are you in the mood for some pork burgers? Look no further, for the pork burgers are now in your neighbourhood! Ninja Joe, the latest food joint to join the neighbourhood mall, is operated by my colleague and friend, TJ (and also his wife) and they offer pork burgers! We made a trip there today to give our friend some support and also checked out the place.

Gundam ♥ Ninja Joe.

Ninja Joe, as the name aptly says, is a small neighbourhood pork burger joint with a simple anime theme (hence the name, ninja). Located on the lower ground floor of the mall (the same floor Carrefour is located), opposite Focus Point, you can't possibly miss this wallpaper at Ninja Joe, it's Gundam! And how can anything get better than pork burgers, right? OM NOM NOM NOM~~~

Ninja Joe counter. It's cheaper if you buy 6 ninjas (burgers) as opposed to buying 1 ninja.

Welcome to Ninja Joe!

The happy taukeh and taukehsoh!

Ninja Joe logo. I like!

Ninja Joe offers burgers in 6 different flavours: Original, Oriental, Sweet & Sour, Teriyaki, Black Pepper and Spicy. We tried all the flavours, and every flavour is just nice :D Some of my colleagues preferred the black pepper and sweet & sour flavour more. The oriental and teriyaki is a little similar, as both sauces are sweet. The original flavour is, well, original (with no sauce), so you get the pure taste of the pork patty. I personally like the sweet & sour, black pepper and oriental flavours.

Teriyaki ninja.

The burgers are not very big, I can actually eat 2 burgers :P I believe most men can have 3 or 4 burgers in one sitting, no joke! The pork patty is moist and tasty, and the bun is not your regular Mcdonalds type of burger bun. It actually goes really well with the pork patty (good job, Teej!).

Shurikens! (RM 4.95)

For finger food, Ninja Joe offers Shurikens, which are basically pork nuggets with mashed potatoes. If you're wondering why the name "shuriken", it's because that's the weapon ninjas use to attack their enemies, hehehehehehe!!!

Mango & green tea ice-cream (RM 3.95).

For desserts, you have a choice of mango or green tea ice-cream, which are homemade. Don't under estimate the ice-cream, it may come in a small little tub, but it's actually quite filling. If you think 4 burgers can't fill your stomach, have an ice-cream and you'll be full after that.

Do check out the place and try their burgers. Oh, and if your name (in your NRIC) is Joe (or Josephine), you get RM 1.00 off the ninja meal ;)

P/S: No, I'm not getting commission for this post, this is really my personal opinion, harhar!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pizza Eating Competition

Flyer designed by our intern.

An internal competition at my workplace, LOL! The competition came about during one of the many lunches we had outside the office. Some of them started questioning how much they can really eat, and after a full circle, some decided "Hey, let's have a pizza eating contest!" Lo and behold, the idea has finally being realised... wOOt!

4 contenders. Plenty of double crust pizzas with beef pepperoni and cheese. Using the gold card, the orders were placed and so began the competition. Within the first 15 minutes, there was already a clear lead from one of the contenders. Slow and steady, he munched on his pizza, savouring every bite of it (or at least I think he savoured it!). One was pacing about while holding on to his share of pizza (possibly his strategy was to "exercise" while eating?), one was seated and steadily eating, and another was the underdog (macam arnab dan penyu kura-kura story).

In the end, the winner ate 11 slices of pizza in one sitting. His prize? Free leftover pizzas for the day! The other 3 losers split the cost of the many pizzas purchased for the competition.

Now they're thinking of having a KFC eating competition.... -_-"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guardian Liars
This stupid pharmacy is currently having a redemption for a soft toy, whereby for every RM 15 purchase, you're given a stamp. Collect 40 stamps and you can redeem a soft toy from the current range of Big Headz™.

I've been collecting the stamps myself when I make purchases from them, and some of my colleagues have also been giving me stamps. Now in the T&C, it only says "stamps". It doesn't specify the colour of the stamps. And I found out that certain outlets outlets issue different colour stamps (i.e: Solaris outlet issues green stamps).

So I went to the outlet which I normally patronize at work, which is just 2 floors down. I told the salesgirl I want to redeem my stamps for one of the soft toys. She took a look at the stamps and said the orange and green ones are not valid, because they're not the "Guardian" stamps. I took one look at her and said "Your T&C never stated the stamps have to be a specific colour". Obviously she couldn't handle me, and called her supervisor.

Again the jackass of a supervisor tried to argue with me, insisting that the green and orange stamps are not "their" stamps, hence they cannot be accepted. "Can't you see, the Guardian colour is blue?" pointing to the little blue icon on the card. I argued back:

1) Your T&C did not, I repeat, DID NOT specify the stamps have to be of a specific colour.
2) Your other outlets issued the stamps, which means they are valid.
3) You do not fucking pull a con job on ME.
4) You do not try to fucking lie to ME.

The jackass kena tiu-ed from me, and he fucking deserved it. And I hope the other customers there were in Guardian today heard the whole thing and realised that these bunch of fellas got caught with their pants down and still tried to get away with it.

Don't fucking mess with me.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Unethical Travel Agent in SS 2 - Wins Vacation Services Sdn Bhd
My parents and a few of their friends had recently decided to take a tour package to Chiang Mai. being senior citizens, tour packages are always a better option for them as they don't exactly like to do research and plan their journey, harhar!

So one of the ladies walked into a travel agent in SS 2, Wins Vacation Services Sdn Bhd, and got some package details to share with the rest of the group. The group decided and paid a deposit first.

My dad MSNed me one fine day, telling me they had made arrangements to go to Chiang Mai for a holiday at the end of the month, and even told me their flight would depart at around 10am. Which was good for them cos that would mean they wouldn't have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and rush to the airport. Couple of days later, my mum informed me that the travel agent had conned them, and now their flight was departing at 7.20am instead... Which means the group has to be at the airport at 5.20am. WTF?!

This was the scope I got from my parents: My parents had gone to the travel agent to pay the remaining sum of the tour package. Before making the payment, my mum clarified with the sales girl/clerk/whoever that was there attending to her, to ascertain the flight details once again. "So the flight is at 10am+, right?" to which the girl said yes.

The moment money was handed across the counter, the girl reached out and took another itinerary from under the desk, and informed my parents that the flight has now been changed to 7.20am, instead of the "agreed" 10am. My parents were of course, taken aback and questioned the girl. The girl insisted that the flight will now depart at 7.20am, and not at 10am.

Talk about a fast con job. Fucking agents pulled a really fast on here, and I'm pissed.

My parents are now going around telling all their friends about unethical travel agent. I also did some research and found out this agent is a member of MATTA. I advised my parents to lodge a formal complaint, we shouldn't let such unscrupulous agents get away with such ease.

Stay away from this travel agent. Here are their MATTA details:

Member No. : MA2404
Status : Active
Address : No 41M, Jalan SS2/64, 47300 Petaling Jaya Malaysia
General Telephone Line : Not available
Telephone No. : (603) 7875 4168 / 6168 / 9168
Fax No : (603) 7875 5168
Company Email :
Website :

Contact Person : Mr. Lim Chan Hong (Director)
Email :Not available
HP No. : Not available
Official Representative : Not available
Alternate Representative : Not available

MOCAT KKKP No : 4563
Nature of Business : Inbound, Outbound, Ticketing
Bumi Status : Non-Bumiputera

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's been a little over a year since the 2nd time. Yet on days like this I still feel the pain. I feel hurt. It's as though I've been treated unfairly for reasons I will never know. I don't like it at all.

They say time will heal all wounds. I still need more time. I failed to see the beauty it in already. Or maybe I just don't want to see it altogether. Not right now. I don't place importance on things that don't exist. It was never in the equation in the first place. In the modern age now, it's not a mandatory requirement anyway. Just an optional check-box in my books.

I hate days when I feel emo. Bleh~

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sudah Potong?
The recent P1 Wimax "Potong" ad has caused a little furore in some womens' group. The groups have voiced out against the ad, saying it's rude, distasteful, degrading and contains sexual innuendos. Some also added that the very word "potong", which means "cut" in English, is bad for all ladies to listen.

If you haven't already seen the ad, watch the YouTube video links below to get the better idea of the ad:

Cantonese version

BM version

This is my take on the ad: When I first saw it, I LOLed. Really. I knew what the key message was. P1 is asking consumers to "cut" their existing contract with their ISP, and switch over to them. The message was delivered in a different way. Rather that be straight upfront, as in, just tell consumers to switch ISP, the dialogue was written in a different manner. It probably made people "think" that "potong/to cut" = "circumsize".

Now, I want to pose this question to those that are against this ad. What are you guys actually so mad at? The very words "potong" and "cut"? We use these 2 words a lot in our daily conversations bah. Also, there's ice-cream "potong". So does that mean we have to ban this ice-cream now? What about the Quickcut hair salon service, which offers a quick 15-minute hair cut? Should we ban them too? And what about Streamyx's counter-attack on the very same P1 WImax radio ad? A whole lot of "potong" and "cut" there too. Maybe we should ban them as well.

The ad did a good job in delivering its message. It can't be held responsible should you choose to think "senget".

Sunday, November 1, 2009

If you're familiar with Ikano, there's a shoe and luggage repair shop at the lower ground floor. Hubby and I made our way there this morning, because one of the handles on our luggage bag needed repair, and one of my favourite pair of heels is also in need of repair. Mind you, this pair of heels has been with me for a good 3-4 years and have seen better days, but I love it because it's so easy to pair it with any outfit and it's comfortable :)

As we walked into the shop, we noticed a stack of luggage bags in front already, all tied up. I also noticed several boxes of Salvatore Ferragamo shoe boxes all piled up just behind the counter. On the right were some more shoe boxes, mostly couture labels. The aunty who was manning the counter was busy talking to one of her staff, noticed us waiting to speak with her and gave us a clear nod to approach her.

I took out my heels from the shoe box and showed it to her, and asked if they can repair it (one of the heel straps had come off from the underside). "Can repair..." she said in Cantonese. "But first I wanna ask you... How do you wear your shoe har?! Why wear until here faded wan?!? Why does the tip have dents on it?!"

... I was clearly in shocked and didn't know how to reply her. Like, all I asked was if they can repair the shoe. And she started questioning me how I wear my shoes! She was lecturing me like a mother would lecture her son for not scoring straight As in his examination. My shoes were freaking 3 years old wei! Any good fabric would fade in colour over time, and sometimes you will knock into steps and pebbles bah. You don't expect a shoe to still be in tip top shape after constant usage, do you?!?

She proceeded to hard-sell (and I really mean HARD-SELL) the anti-slip fabrics. Telling me and hubby that they're the only ones that use gwailo (imported) materials, while others use cheap stuff. She even took out all the various anti-slips just to "educate" us about it. She even grabbed one of the shoe boxes (which so happen, was a pair of Moschino heels) and told us "See? This client wants to put anti-slip, and we will pair it with the leather anti-slip, cos she wants more expensive material.."

She went on and on and on (I seriously detest aunties like this, damn annoying giler) lecturing and hard-selling even more when hubby showed her our luggage bag. "Oh, you see this frame ah, it's wood! That's why so tahan! Nowadays luggage bags all cheap plastic! All spoil easily! Yours still good cos the frame is wood!"

In the end, we "thanked" her for her "consultancy" and said we'll think about her quotation to repair both the bag and heels. MCH, all we wanted to know was:

1) Do you do such repair?
2) How much?

If she had spoke to use nicely, perhaps I would've considered getting my heels repaired there. But fuck! I certainly didn't expect to get a full blown lecture. Moreover, the cost to repair both the items were even MORE than the actual cost of the bag and shoes! Ya lah, you go repair all your Fei-Lat-Gai-Mou (Ferragamo in China-beng slang) and Gucci lah!