Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guardian Liars
This stupid pharmacy is currently having a redemption for a soft toy, whereby for every RM 15 purchase, you're given a stamp. Collect 40 stamps and you can redeem a soft toy from the current range of Big Headz™.

I've been collecting the stamps myself when I make purchases from them, and some of my colleagues have also been giving me stamps. Now in the T&C, it only says "stamps". It doesn't specify the colour of the stamps. And I found out that certain outlets outlets issue different colour stamps (i.e: Solaris outlet issues green stamps).

So I went to the outlet which I normally patronize at work, which is just 2 floors down. I told the salesgirl I want to redeem my stamps for one of the soft toys. She took a look at the stamps and said the orange and green ones are not valid, because they're not the "Guardian" stamps. I took one look at her and said "Your T&C never stated the stamps have to be a specific colour". Obviously she couldn't handle me, and called her supervisor.

Again the jackass of a supervisor tried to argue with me, insisting that the green and orange stamps are not "their" stamps, hence they cannot be accepted. "Can't you see, the Guardian colour is blue?" pointing to the little blue icon on the card. I argued back:

1) Your T&C did not, I repeat, DID NOT specify the stamps have to be of a specific colour.
2) Your other outlets issued the stamps, which means they are valid.
3) You do not fucking pull a con job on ME.
4) You do not try to fucking lie to ME.

The jackass kena tiu-ed from me, and he fucking deserved it. And I hope the other customers there were in Guardian today heard the whole thing and realised that these bunch of fellas got caught with their pants down and still tried to get away with it.

Don't fucking mess with me.


RPCN also kena before. The voucher issued by one Guardian Pharmacy was not valid at another outlet. Hehehe.

So teruk! That's misleading. I hope they kena goreng by others too! You should email & complain to Guardian HQ, make it big!

@doc damn stupid lor.

@janice wl be relating it to my mum, she has a fren working in guardian snr lvl.

complain complain complain... so black lar you.