Friday, November 13, 2009

Ninja Joe @ Tropicana City Mall, PJ
Are you in the mood for some pork burgers? Look no further, for the pork burgers are now in your neighbourhood! Ninja Joe, the latest food joint to join the neighbourhood mall, is operated by my colleague and friend, TJ (and also his wife) and they offer pork burgers! We made a trip there today to give our friend some support and also checked out the place.

Gundam ♥ Ninja Joe.

Ninja Joe, as the name aptly says, is a small neighbourhood pork burger joint with a simple anime theme (hence the name, ninja). Located on the lower ground floor of the mall (the same floor Carrefour is located), opposite Focus Point, you can't possibly miss this wallpaper at Ninja Joe, it's Gundam! And how can anything get better than pork burgers, right? OM NOM NOM NOM~~~

Ninja Joe counter. It's cheaper if you buy 6 ninjas (burgers) as opposed to buying 1 ninja.

Welcome to Ninja Joe!

The happy taukeh and taukehsoh!

Ninja Joe logo. I like!

Ninja Joe offers burgers in 6 different flavours: Original, Oriental, Sweet & Sour, Teriyaki, Black Pepper and Spicy. We tried all the flavours, and every flavour is just nice :D Some of my colleagues preferred the black pepper and sweet & sour flavour more. The oriental and teriyaki is a little similar, as both sauces are sweet. The original flavour is, well, original (with no sauce), so you get the pure taste of the pork patty. I personally like the sweet & sour, black pepper and oriental flavours.

Teriyaki ninja.

The burgers are not very big, I can actually eat 2 burgers :P I believe most men can have 3 or 4 burgers in one sitting, no joke! The pork patty is moist and tasty, and the bun is not your regular Mcdonalds type of burger bun. It actually goes really well with the pork patty (good job, Teej!).

Shurikens! (RM 4.95)

For finger food, Ninja Joe offers Shurikens, which are basically pork nuggets with mashed potatoes. If you're wondering why the name "shuriken", it's because that's the weapon ninjas use to attack their enemies, hehehehehehe!!!

Mango & green tea ice-cream (RM 3.95).

For desserts, you have a choice of mango or green tea ice-cream, which are homemade. Don't under estimate the ice-cream, it may come in a small little tub, but it's actually quite filling. If you think 4 burgers can't fill your stomach, have an ice-cream and you'll be full after that.

Do check out the place and try their burgers. Oh, and if your name (in your NRIC) is Joe (or Josephine), you get RM 1.00 off the ninja meal ;)

P/S: No, I'm not getting commission for this post, this is really my personal opinion, harhar!


My 2nd name is Joye...close to got Rm1 off or not?