Sunday, November 1, 2009

If you're familiar with Ikano, there's a shoe and luggage repair shop at the lower ground floor. Hubby and I made our way there this morning, because one of the handles on our luggage bag needed repair, and one of my favourite pair of heels is also in need of repair. Mind you, this pair of heels has been with me for a good 3-4 years and have seen better days, but I love it because it's so easy to pair it with any outfit and it's comfortable :)

As we walked into the shop, we noticed a stack of luggage bags in front already, all tied up. I also noticed several boxes of Salvatore Ferragamo shoe boxes all piled up just behind the counter. On the right were some more shoe boxes, mostly couture labels. The aunty who was manning the counter was busy talking to one of her staff, noticed us waiting to speak with her and gave us a clear nod to approach her.

I took out my heels from the shoe box and showed it to her, and asked if they can repair it (one of the heel straps had come off from the underside). "Can repair..." she said in Cantonese. "But first I wanna ask you... How do you wear your shoe har?! Why wear until here faded wan?!? Why does the tip have dents on it?!"

... I was clearly in shocked and didn't know how to reply her. Like, all I asked was if they can repair the shoe. And she started questioning me how I wear my shoes! She was lecturing me like a mother would lecture her son for not scoring straight As in his examination. My shoes were freaking 3 years old wei! Any good fabric would fade in colour over time, and sometimes you will knock into steps and pebbles bah. You don't expect a shoe to still be in tip top shape after constant usage, do you?!?

She proceeded to hard-sell (and I really mean HARD-SELL) the anti-slip fabrics. Telling me and hubby that they're the only ones that use gwailo (imported) materials, while others use cheap stuff. She even took out all the various anti-slips just to "educate" us about it. She even grabbed one of the shoe boxes (which so happen, was a pair of Moschino heels) and told us "See? This client wants to put anti-slip, and we will pair it with the leather anti-slip, cos she wants more expensive material.."

She went on and on and on (I seriously detest aunties like this, damn annoying giler) lecturing and hard-selling even more when hubby showed her our luggage bag. "Oh, you see this frame ah, it's wood! That's why so tahan! Nowadays luggage bags all cheap plastic! All spoil easily! Yours still good cos the frame is wood!"

In the end, we "thanked" her for her "consultancy" and said we'll think about her quotation to repair both the bag and heels. MCH, all we wanted to know was:

1) Do you do such repair?
2) How much?

If she had spoke to use nicely, perhaps I would've considered getting my heels repaired there. But fuck! I certainly didn't expect to get a full blown lecture. Moreover, the cost to repair both the items were even MORE than the actual cost of the bag and shoes! Ya lah, you go repair all your Fei-Lat-Gai-Mou (Ferragamo in China-beng slang) and Gucci lah!


I know which aunty you are talking about! Had the same experience as you but mine was a pair of mary jane that I love to death. @@###%. I've boycott her shop. Rather let those kaki lima cobbler earn a few more times the let her repair my shoes. @%^&&&!