Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pizza Eating Competition

Flyer designed by our intern.

An internal competition at my workplace, LOL! The competition came about during one of the many lunches we had outside the office. Some of them started questioning how much they can really eat, and after a full circle, some decided "Hey, let's have a pizza eating contest!" Lo and behold, the idea has finally being realised... wOOt!

4 contenders. Plenty of double crust pizzas with beef pepperoni and cheese. Using the gold card, the orders were placed and so began the competition. Within the first 15 minutes, there was already a clear lead from one of the contenders. Slow and steady, he munched on his pizza, savouring every bite of it (or at least I think he savoured it!). One was pacing about while holding on to his share of pizza (possibly his strategy was to "exercise" while eating?), one was seated and steadily eating, and another was the underdog (macam arnab dan penyu kura-kura story).

In the end, the winner ate 11 slices of pizza in one sitting. His prize? Free leftover pizzas for the day! The other 3 losers split the cost of the many pizzas purchased for the competition.

Now they're thinking of having a KFC eating competition.... -_-"


I use to have that with my colleagues.
The worst we tried was a 5L milk fruit juice thing. One of my colleague kena lau sai after that lol...

@kevin chisin wei. my colleague took part in this milk tea drinking competition b4, 5L as well (he won and got some cash prize).

ey.. it's kura-kura la.. bukan penyu.

@quin my bee em gave bek teacher long ago LOLOL