Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Updates
1) Just got wind that Kuala Pilah experienced 4 earthquakes today. Wahliao!

2) Been seeing the same old boring news about our colourful politicians. Bodoh.

3) Been busy with work late, working on some major jobs, some of which just irks me to the bone.

4) Catching up on some TV series which hubby downloaded to watch, harhar!

5) Looking forward to the short working weeks in December, w00t!

6) FIL will be in town some time this week for a short visit. Going to spend some time with the old man together with hubby, and bring him to eat some REAL TASTY BKT (unlike the ones served in Sg Petani LOL!)

7) Gonna miss some colleagues of mine :( Great people to be with. All the best to you guys!

8) Playing the GA/Mortal game in office. Some GAs have proven to be really really generous (oi, dun lah set so high standards!)

9) The year-end-sale is here! Time to do some shopping! Actually we did do some shopping recently, heh!

10) Need to break into my new heels, make the leather a little softer.

11) It's been raining so often, my clothes are taking longer to dry.

12) ... bla bla bla...