Monday, November 2, 2009

Sudah Potong?
The recent P1 Wimax "Potong" ad has caused a little furore in some womens' group. The groups have voiced out against the ad, saying it's rude, distasteful, degrading and contains sexual innuendos. Some also added that the very word "potong", which means "cut" in English, is bad for all ladies to listen.

If you haven't already seen the ad, watch the YouTube video links below to get the better idea of the ad:

Cantonese version

BM version

This is my take on the ad: When I first saw it, I LOLed. Really. I knew what the key message was. P1 is asking consumers to "cut" their existing contract with their ISP, and switch over to them. The message was delivered in a different way. Rather that be straight upfront, as in, just tell consumers to switch ISP, the dialogue was written in a different manner. It probably made people "think" that "potong/to cut" = "circumsize".

Now, I want to pose this question to those that are against this ad. What are you guys actually so mad at? The very words "potong" and "cut"? We use these 2 words a lot in our daily conversations bah. Also, there's ice-cream "potong". So does that mean we have to ban this ice-cream now? What about the Quickcut hair salon service, which offers a quick 15-minute hair cut? Should we ban them too? And what about Streamyx's counter-attack on the very same P1 WImax radio ad? A whole lot of "potong" and "cut" there too. Maybe we should ban them as well.

The ad did a good job in delivering its message. It can't be held responsible should you choose to think "senget".


I've been waiting for someone to say this. Basically i don't see anything wrong with the ad at all, like you say, they can't keep their own minds straight and expect others to conform to their moral standards, plus the political person who voiced displeasure is probably only out to gain political mileage at this hour.

@anon precisely my point. i was told a local radion station also talked about the new chanel perfume ad. why aren't those women group making noise about it? it contains sexual innuendos~

I find TM's version very desperate and cheap.

@kevin hahahaha, yea a little. got tough competition ma!

to a person with an unpolluted mind, potong means potong. it's a simple as that. to these women's rights groups and those assholes who find the ad offensive, i only have one thing to say to you: your minds are as dirty as the streets filled with reefs of garbage formed after a heavy rainfall.