Saturday, November 21, 2009

Surprises On November 17th
Surprise #1 - Sunflowers

I was in the office on a usual Tuesday morning, when my colleague called my name aloud and pointed to the main door of the office. I turned to look and saw a nice aunty holding a bouquet of sunflowers. Turns out, hubby had arranged to have that lovely bouquet sent to my office :P I was very surprised of course. And moved as well, as he's usually not the type to give flowers because he thinks they're not of much value, harhar!

Surprise #2 - Phiten band

It was a Tuesday and I was preparing to go for my usual yoga class (yes, I went for yoga on my birthday LOL!). I was in the kitchen grabbing a quick snack when hubby surprised me with a small wrapped gift. I had to unwrap a few layers of papers to get to the gift. It was a Phiten X50 neck band, one which I had been thinking of getting :P

Surprise #3 - Birthday cake

Later that night, after my shower, I walked out to a dark hallway and hubby was standing in the hall with a cake and candle. As he sung the 'Happy Birthday' song, he accidentally blew out the candle ROTFLMAO!!! I laughed so hard..... :PpPpPpP "Wait wait, don't move! I go light the candle again!!!!" as hubby ran into the kitchen to light the candle again. We had cake for supper yumz!

Indeed a very memorable birthday~ Thank you dear, love you lots! *muacks* (ok, go puke your silly heads off now)


so sweet. consider yourself one lucky bitch!

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